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As a young, lively university, California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) is one of the fastest growing universities in California. CSUSB’s service areas are California’s San Bernardino and Riverside counties, which covers 27,000 square miles—a territory larger than 10 states in the nation. With more than 100,000 alumni who hail from CSUSB, including many who work in Southern California and make a major impact on the local economy; CSUSB has become an economic engine with its annual spending generating a total impact of $189.5 million on the regional economy, and nearly $536.5 million on the statewide economy.

The Office of Outreach and Student Recruitment is here to be the bridge between the resources of the university and the region, our office takes the lead in fostering partnerships among high schools, community colleges, local and regional organizations to encourage more students to become a #Coyote4Life.


Our Outreach efforts include supporting the educational outreach initiatives within CSUSB, the local community, regionally, and nationally. We are committed to actively engaging the community and raising awareness about the importance of education across the region. We strive to participate in and host events/activities that improve college access by engaging with prospective students.


We strive to attract and recruit quality students from a variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our students transform our classes and challenge each other to think critically about local, regional and global issues.

What We Do

You can find our team working hard on the local road providing:

  • CSUSB Presentations
  • Admissions Appointments
  • Cal State Apply Workshops
  • Participating in College Fairs
  • Attending Career Days
  • Representing at Cultural Events
  • Partnering with business entities, faith-based groups, non-profit organizations, and more!  

We are here to assist you in any way possible as you explore your educational opportunities--make sure to reach out as you are making your decision to become a #Coyote4Life!

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