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Travel Information

If you travel on University business within the United States and it includes an overnight stay or the travel exceeds a one-way distance of more than 100 miles, you must submit a Travel Request Form. The form must be completed prior to the travel taking place and requires signatures from the Chair, the Dean, and the Provost. The form must be completed prior to the travel taking place Other travel within the United States will require the same form but only requires the signatures of the Chair and Dean.

For international travel, you must use the International Travel Request Form. This request needs approval from the Chair, Dean, Provost, and President. The request must be approved prior to the travel taking place.

If you plan to drive a vehicle during your trip, please note that the University is unable to provide a state or Enterprise rental vehicle or reimburse you for driving your own vehicle unless you have successfully taken the Defensive Driving Test. Contact Parking Services at extension 75912 to schedule an appointment for the class and test. The test must be taken every three years.

More detailed information on travel and CONNEXUS can be found at CSUSB Travel.