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Welcome to our undergraduate homepage.  From the navigation dropdown menu, you will find information on advising, tutoring, digital technologies used in our mathematics courses, and many more useful things.  Look below to learn more about our community, our programs, and our courses.


Our CSUSB mathematical community is known for being warm, welcoming, and supportive.   We encourage you to be an active participant in our community by attending colloquia, joining the Math Club, and coming to Tea Time

If you have any questions related to your mathematics courses or degrees, please feel free to talk with your course instructors, your advisors, or the Chair of the Department. The faculty are committed to providing you with a first class educational experience.

Degrees & Certificates

Here at CSUSB, we offer several undergraduate degrees and certificates.

  • Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics.  This program is designed for the student who, upon graduation, will begin a career involving mathematics or plans to pursue graduate studies in mathematics, and is interested in augmenting their foundational mathematics curriculum with a minor in another field or studies in other subjects.
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.  This program is designed for the student who, upon graduation, plans to pursue graduate studies in mathematics, begin a career in mathematics or closely related field, or pursue teaching. We offer three distinct concentrations:

    1.  The General Mathematics Concentration (BSGC) provides a deep level of study in mathematics and includes advanced topics in real analysis and algebra, which are prerequisites for many graduate programs. 

    2.  The Applied Mathematics Concentration (BSAC) combines mathematics coursework with coursework options in actuarial science, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, geography, and physics. 

    3.  The Teaching Mathematics Concentration (BSTC) is recommended for prospective secondary mathematics teachers and includes courses designed to help build the specialized content knowledge necessary for successful teaching. 

  • Minor in Mathematics.  

  • Certificate in Introductory Actuarial Science.  This program is designed to prepare students for the preliminary examinations given by the Society of Actuaries. Completion of those exams is normally considered the prerequisite for internships and entry-level positions in the field of actuarial science. 

  • Certificate in Introductory Mathematics.  This certificate meets the required components for the Subject Matter Authorization: Introductory Mathematics. Completion of this program allows individuals who hold a valid California teaching credential to apply for the Subject Matter Authorization: Introductory Mathematics for teaching the content matter up through ninth grade mathematics. 

For detailed program descriptions, click on the associated links above.

After having looked through this page, if you have any questions or concerns about the the BSTC, please email our BSTC Coordinator, Dr. Laura Wallace (


A list of all mathematics courses can be found in the CSUSB catalogue.

For more information on selecting courses, go to our advising page.

You can clearly see our Program's Student Learning Outcomes (PLOs).

To help you better understand our course prerequisites, we have created the following flowchart for you.

CSUSB Math Prerequisite Flowchart