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Graduate Students


Here at CSUSB, we offer a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Mathematics.   The M.A. in Mathematics is designed for those wishing to pursue a career in teaching mathematics at the community college level or those wishing to pursue a higher degree in mathematics or a related field. The program is designed to be a two year program.  To learn more about our program, please see the following useful links:

After having looked through this page, if you still have any questions or concerns, please email our Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Corey Dunn (

Admission to the Program

To be admitted into the program, you must apply to the University to be admitted as a graduate student and apply to the program itself.  You may apply electronically at the following link: Electronic Application.    

In addition to the general requirements of the University which include a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college, specific requirements for admission to the program are: 

  1. Successful completion with a grade of at least "B" (3.0) of course work in abstract algebra, real analysis, in addition to upper division course work in pure, applied, and advanced mathematics deemed equivalent to the core of the mathematics major at California State University, San Bernardino.  Students who do not meet these criteria may be admitted as conditionally classified graduate students following review by the Department of Mathematics Graduate Committee;
  2. Submission of a completed M.A. in Mathematics application form, including all undergraduate transcripts;
  3. Three letters of recommendation;
  4. A letter of not more than three pages, outlining background, experience and interests. Be sure to include reasons for seeking admission to this program and career goals.

Graduate Teaching Associate (TA) Positions

The Department offers Teaching Associate positions. These are one way of obtaining financial support and are a great way to obtain the teaching experience you will need to teach in a community college. The Teaching Associates are guided in developing their teaching through weekly discussion meetings and by classroom visits by experienced faculty.  For more information on the TA position, including eligibility and duties, see the TA page here.

Masters Thesis

One of the two culminating experiences to our graduate degree is the writing of a masters thesis.  This involves finding an advisor, learning the relevant material as suggested by your advisor, writing a thesis and finding a thesis committee, and giving an oral presentation of your work.  For more information on writing a thesis, and valuable thesis resources, please see our Masters Thesis page here.

Our Community

Our CSUSB mathematical community is known for being warm, welcoming, and supportive.   We encourage graduate students to be an active participant in our community by attending colloquia, joining the Math Club, becoming a Math Gym Tutor, and coming to Tea Time.