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Center for Enhancement of Mathematics Education

The Center for Enhancement of Mathematics Education (CEME) addresses the continuum of mathematics education from kindergarten through college. The primary focus is enhancing content and pedagogy of pre-service and in-service teachers, with the ultimate goal of improving readiness for college level mathematics among students in the Inland Empire. CEME is the umbrella for a host of grant funded projects including the Inland Counties Math Project, ACES, Alegria!, Noyce Fellowships, Noyce Scholarships, and STIR. For more details on these grant projects please visit the Center for Enhancement of Mathematics Education web site.


Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project

The Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP) provides materials and services at the secondary education level and above to help measure student readiness for a broad range of mathematics courses. An MDTP Regional Site Office is hosted on this campus and the Director is Dr. John Sarli.

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