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The Department of Mathematics at CSUSB has a colloquium series (Mathematica Eclectica) and typically we invite three to four external speakers each quarter. Many of the speakers in fall and winter quarters are guest mathematicians from over Southern California. In spring quarter many of the speakers are our graduate students who are presenting their master's thesis or our undergraduates who are presenting their independent study for the purpose of obtaining departmental honors.

Mathematica Eclectica Colloquium Series

All Mathematica Eclectica colloquia are in Room 391, Jack Brown Hall, on the CSUSB campus. For directions on how to get to campus, please see directions and maps on the CSUSB web site. For visitors the parking fee is currently $6. One-hour and two-hour permits are available for $2.50 and $5.00, respectively.



Math Department Colloquium - Special Day

Dr. Stanton has been using recent data on the coronavirus to model its spread.  He has generously offered to share some of his research on this very topical topic.

Dr. Charles Stanton (CSUSB)

Mathematical Models of Coronavirus

We will discuss the SIR differential equation model for the current COVID-19 epidemic. We will look at the statistical problem of using the most recent data to estimate parameters for this model. The ratio of these two parameters is known as R_0, and is a key value in trying to estimate the rate of spread of  infections. We will also look at some of the mathematical problems involved in getting these estimates.

Colloquium - 2020/03/09 - Stanton

Colloquium Schedule for Winter Quarter 2017

All colloquia are scheduled on a Wednesday from 2:45-3:35. Refreshments will be provided.

Colloquium Schedule for Fall Quarter 2016

All colloquia are scheduled on a Wednesday from 2:45-3:35. Refreshments will be provided.