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Faculty Research Areas

At CSUSB, our faculty and students participate in several active research groups.  For faculty contact information, click Faculty and Staff page



Susan Addington (Algebraic Groups)
Davida Fischman (Hopf Algebra)
Zahid Hasan (Finite Groups, Symmetric generation of finite groups)
Youngsu Kim (Commutative Algebra)
Bronson Lim (Algebraic Geometry)
Giovanna Llosent 
Jeffrey S. Meyer (Number Theory, Algebraic Groups, Cryptography)
J. Paul Vicknair (Commutative Algebra)
Laura Wallace
Peter Williams


Nadejda Dyakevich
Hajrudin Fejzic
Yuichiro Kakihara
Min-Lin Lo
Shawn McMurran (PDEs)
Charles Stanton (Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Stochastic Processes)
Belisario Ventura


Lida Ahmadi (Analytic Combinatorics and Probability)
Jeremy Aikin (Matroid Theory and Graph Theory)
Joseph Chavez
Cory Johnson (Graph Theory)
Min-Lin Lo (Graph Theory)

Geometry / Topology

Corey Dunn (Differential Geometry, Geometric Analysis)
Wenxiang Wang
Jeffrey S. Meyer (Hyperbolic Geometry, Lattices in Lie Groups)
Rolland Trapp (Link Complements)


Lynn Scow (Model Theory, Generalized Ramsey Theory)

Math Education

Steve Balady
Davida Fischman
Madeleine Jetter
Dalton Marsh
Shawn McMurran
Jeffrey S. Meyer
Laura Wallace


Lida Ahmadi (Applied Statistics)
Hani Aldirawi
Suthakaran Ratnasingam