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Perspectives from Regional Leaders

Perspectives from Regional Leaders

Student Research Challenge Expert Speaker Panels 

In 2020, with the goal of engaging young leaders in the Inland Empire on transportation research, the LTC designed and implemented a new research program called the Student Transportation Research Challenge (STRC). The inaugural topic focused on defining and analyzing the broad question of how we can obtain and measure a sustainable and equitable transportation system in the Inland Empire.

To assist the group with their research, the LTC hosted a series of expert panels from across the community in the summer of 2020. Panelists represented experts from regional logistics and transportation companies; public transit; political leaders; environmental justice community-based organizations; and the transportation and planning agency sector. By exposing the students to the opinions and ideas across the community, they were able to obtain a greater understanding of the different perspectives that exist around the concepts of sustainability and equity. Thus, this not only allowed them to hear from various perspectives but enabled them to think critically to tackle the region’s issues.

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