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Mission and Vision

The Vision

The Leonard Transportation Center opened in 2006 with a focus on regional transportation needs. The vision of Bill and Barbara Leonard was to create a center that focuses on the transportation opportunities and challenges the Inland Empire faces. Today, the LTC is working to build a research and student engagement program. Our focal points include transportation management and governance issues, development of new technologies, and transnational studies.

Our vision is to work collaboratively to seek solutions to assist residents, businesses, government and nonprofit agencies, and international partners to work together on improving sustainability and life in the Inland Empire.    

The Need

The Inland Empire is an inland port region expected to grow exponentially in the logistics and transportation sector. Growth came about from market forces related to location, the global movement of goods, and technological advancements. The region, with informed decisions, can use this growth to develop a strong economic base that improves the quality of life of all residents. Along with the positives that come with growth, there are also a number of negative externalities that need to be addressed, such as stressed infrastructure system, new categories of jobs, and impacts to the environment.

Solutions exist in government, business, and nonprofits working together on shared goals.  An important part of identifying the goals and finding solutions is found in research, data collection, and analysis to make rational as opposed to ideological decisions.  To meet the challenges of the future and find solutions to the disruptive economy, the best minds from multiple disciplines need to work together. The LTC staff is working toward these needs with its sister universities in the region, UCR and CPP.  In addition, we are working with researchers from other universities and leaders at the local, state, and national levels. 

The Answer

The LTC will organize multidisciplinary research and education to meet the needs of the Inland Empire. Affiliated CSUSB faculty work in public administration, supply chain management, cyber-security, computer science, chemistry, health sciences, criminal justice, geology, anthropology, and geography. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by CSUSB, UCR, and CalPoly Pomona to bring on additional faculty from environmental sciences, civil engineering, and urban and regional planning. The Center emphasizes multimodal, technology based solutions with people, place, and the economy in mind