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About Our Research 

Founded in 2006, the Center’s goal is to provide local, state, and federal transportation providers with increased capability to produce improved transportation decisions and with the information and research resources to better manage transportation systems (including transit) and transportation investments. In 2018, the LTC’s Advisory Council refocused our mission and new programs have been developed based on the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan of CSUSB and the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration. With a specific focus on issues impacting the Inland Empire, the Center’s current strategic areas are: Research, Education, Community Engagement, and Operations.

Our groundbreaking programs and research impact transportation policy, workforce development, and the mobility environment, not only locally in the Inland Empire, but throughout California and the world. Research is a vital part of the center’s mission. As a multidisciplinary, transportation research center in the Inland Empire community, the LTC is looking to support and enhance the current research activities in the region. We have narrowed our research down to two specific areas.

Transportation Mobility Policy & Management 

The first is a broader agenda of understanding the challenges and finding possible solutions for enhanced transportation mobility policy and the management of inland ports. From an economic perspective, corporate and consumer demand for imported goods is continuously increasing, meanwhile convenient access to freeways, airports, and rail lines have made the Inland Empire an ideal location for industrial facilities. From a transportation perspective, however, the growing development of manufacturing and industrial facilities has led to elevated traffic congestion, environmental pollution, which produce negative impacts to the future economic viability of the region. Given these observations, the LTC is determined to continue transportation research to help solve mobility issues. Please visit our Mobility Policy & Management page to learn more. 

Intelligent Transportation Systems & Transportation Cybersecurity 

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and transportation cybersecurity research are key to the future innovations and developments in the sector. With the implementation of new cyber technologies in the transportation infrastructure, safeguarding these systems is critical. The LTC’s research agenda is to identify current needs and address cybersecurity challenges in the region’s transportation infrastructure. Please visit the  ITS and transportation cybersecurity webpage to learn more about our research.

Student Research Challenge 

In addition to the research focus of cybersecurity and mobility, the LTC has a new research program called the Student Transportation Research Challenge. The Research Challenge is engaging the region’s young, and upcoming leaders to look at how we can obtain and measure a sustainable and equitable transportation system in the Inland Empire. This program has five regional students (undergraduate and graduate) from CSUSB, CalPoly Pomona, and University of California Riverside (UCR) working together to find innovative solutions, learn research techniques, and think critically on the obstacles facing the Inland Empire. Please visit the Student Research Challenge webpage to learn more about this year's research.

Faculty Fellows Program

The Leonard Transportation Center Junior Faculty Fellowship Program recognizes and supports junior faculty to conduct transportation-related research in the Inland Empire. The objective of the faculty fellows’ program is to effectively engage faculty and students in research, collaborative projects, and community outreach.