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Transportation Leadership, Planning, and Performance Institute (TLPPI)

Transportation Leadership, Performance, and Planning Institute (TLPPI)

In 2016, the Leonard Transportation Center (LTC) at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) received funding from the UTC program to assist with professional development opportunities for Caltrans planners.  As part of this project, CSUSB and Caltrans staff developed the Transportation Leadership, Planning, and Performance Institute (TLPPI).

The TLPPI will be a fully online, 27 module certificate program. Its purpose is to provide entry-level and mid-level planners with the skills and applied information needed to work in the complex arena of California transportation planning. The main topic areas are leadership, performance management, and planning.

Each module will include four components.  The first component is an introduction to the topic and specialized readings. The second is a short online lecture that is a rapid review of the basic information covered in the module.  These lectures are technical and descriptive reviews that are short and concise, ranging from approximately 20-30 minutes. The third component is a mix of short interviews with key transportation leaders and experts in the field, as well as case scenarios. This component provides a higher level of knowledge on the primary issues impacting transportation planning in the state. Finally, the last component is a quiz to provide an assessment of the learning progress and reiterate the main points covered. At the very end of the Institute, participants will develop a capstone project that will bring together the various topics in a way that will be useful for participants to think about their current and future jobs.

It is estimated that a participant could do the average module in one hour, and 90 minutes at a more leisurely pace (e.g., reflecting on the scenario or retaking the quiz). Participants would be able to break up modules at their leisure. All totaled, it is estimated that those seeking the TLPPI Certificate would spend approximately 30-35 hours in the online program working at their own pace.  The attendees will complete the program within a three month period. 

The following is a list of the modules:   

  1. Introduction
  2. Freight and planning for alternate futures
  3. Climate change
  4. Technology
  5. Sustainability
  6. Energy
  7. Social demographics
  8. Caltrans Strategic Plan
  9. Performance-Based Planning
  10. Goals and Objectives
  11. Performance Measures
  12. Trends and Targets
  13. Identifying Strategies and Analyzing Alternatives
  14. Developing Investment Priorities
  15. On-Going Monitoring, Evaluation, and Performance Reporting
  16. Introduction to the Field of Leadership
  17. Understanding Leader Styles
  18. An Overview of Leadership Theories Part I
  19. An Overview of Leadership Theories Part II
  20. Enhancing Positive Leadership Traits
  21. Developing Strong Leadership Skills
  22. Assessing One’s Organizational Environment for Priorities and Action
  23. Getting Tasks Done
  24. Leading People
  25. Leading Organization
  26. Developing an Action Plan for your Personal Leadership Development
  27. Capstone Project

The CSUSB team has been working closely with staff at Caltrans to create a relevant program that helps to increase the knowledge and professionalization of state planners.  If there are any questions or requests for more information, please contact Kimberly Collins, PhD, Executive Director, Leonard Transportation Center, CSUSB at or 909-537-5094.

See below for a sample expert video:

We hope you will join us on this interesting review of key issues to solving transportation challenges in the State of California.  

*Disclaimer Statement

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Job Opportunities in Transportation

Economic disruption created by new technologies and innovation in government is creating new jobs.  The LTC staff are currently researching new jobs in transportation related fields.  Check back in the fall of 2017 to see a listing of jobs and the education required.  Currently, we have short listing of possible jobs to provide ideas on all of the possibiliites in the transportation field, please visit our Job Opportunities page for more information.

AICP Exam Assistance for Caltrans Employees

The Leonard Transportation Center and the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at CalPoly Pomona collaborated together to provide AICP exam materials and preparation assistance to Caltrans employees. A web portal was created to provide information and study content and study materials were purchased for each District's library.  If you are a Caltrans' employee and would like more information, please contact the staff of the LTC at