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2024 Regional Mobility Dialogue Series


Mobility is key to the Inland Empire’s future economic growth and quality of life.  This dialogue series has been developed to address the numerous regional projects and initiatives designed to improve mobility. Advanced technology will be the dominant factor in our automobiles, rail transportation, the movement of freight, and the organization of our communities. Few will doubt the assertion the change we are about to face is at least as great in the 21st Century as was the transportation changes that occurred in the early 20th Century as we moved from horse and buggies to planes, trains, and automobiles.

As exciting as this impending future may be, it is very important to remind ourselves that we live in a democratic society in which an informed electorate is the best guarantee of a strong and stable society.  However, given the rapid pace of events, most people today are not informed about the many issues related to the immanent changes in our transportation infrastructure, few are aware the many transportation-related projects and initiatives, and fewer still are involved in any meaningful way in the decisions that are being made.  There are differing opinions regarding the magnitude of the problems and the relative merit of various potential solutions.  Moreover, there is currently no authoritative place that people who are not directly involved in ongoing discussions can go to obtain a comprehensive overview of our mobility needs, the related social concerns, and the projects and initiatives now being discussed to address them. These past couple years the Leonard Transportation Center hosted a series of educational and interactive breakfast dialogues bringing together community leaders like you in a discussion of how to best address the region’s mobility needs. The 2022 and 2023 series were successful in bringing together policymakers and thought leaders from both the public and private sectors as well as CSUSB faculty experts, students, and members of the public to address a number of transportation challenges, issues and solutions.  After receiving positive feedback throughout our Dialogue Series, we will continue the series in the Inland Empire for 2024.  We look forward to seeing you this coming year either in person or online. 

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