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Distribution Management Association (DMA) Expert Speakers - November 2020

In November 2020, the Pathway to Logistics hosted two virtual events for the students that are part of the Amazon Logistics and Leadership Business Pathway at Cajon High School. The events featured the Distribution Management Association (DMA) of Southern California members Joel Walker, VP of Link International, and Derek Dokter, Professor of Business Management, Mount San Antonio College.

The DMA is a trade association that is dedicated to logistics and supply chain organizations and professionals. During the talks, the DMA members shared different resources for students in the Cajon Pathway who are looking for a career in the field by providing partnerships for professional development, scholarships, and internship opportunities.  Having industry leaders speak directly to the students is an invaluable resource. They allow students to better grasp tangible industry cases.  Additionally, it sustains the students’ interest level on a growing and high demand field in the Inland Empire.

Joel Walker, in his presentation, shared about his company, Link International, and offered the Pathway students an entrepreneurial perspective on recycling and how his company makes an impact on sustainability across Northern America. Joel highlighted the importance of being involved in different associations that can help students’ educational paths through scholarships and networking.

Derek Dokter discussed the importance of careers in the field of logistics due to its presence in almost every aspect of society and the criticality of the flow of goods and services, especially during a pandemic. Derek spoke of the diverse and wide job availability in the field for those with different levels of education and the advancement opportunities once employed, including market growth, salaries, required skillsets, and scholarship opportunities.

The main takeaway both speakers offered to students was to network and to gain as much experience as possible to make themselves marketable when seeking a career in the industry. Overall, student feedback was very positive as they enjoyed hearing industry leaders share real world experiences. 


"What are your plans?" Event - February 18, 2021

As part of the Pathway to Logistics program, the “What Are Your Plans?” webinar was created to keep high school juniors and seniors from Cajon High School and Arroyo High School abreast of the supply chain and logistics industry and its opportunities. We invited a panel of speakers from various roles of the industry, ranging from higher education and careers to the logistics sector.

We also invited California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) undergraduate and graduate students that provided their insight on their experiences and their academic journey in pursuing a degree in supply chain management.

Additionally, the webinar provided the students with information in regards to educational opportunities that the various colleges in the region has to offer. This enables the high school students to make more informed decisions with their higher education and career goals. When the event concluded, 64% of students stated that they plan on getting their BA or above, 31% plan on getting an AA or certificate, and only 5% plan on directly joining the workforce without furthering their education.


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"What are your plans?" Event - March 10, 2022

On March 10, 2022, the Leonard Transportation Center in partnership with the pathway partners hosted The Second Annual “What Are Your Plans?” event. The in-person event was held at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) from 10:00 AM to 1:00PM. A total of 122 high school students – 60 students from Cajon High School and 62 students from Arroyo Valley – were in attendance and were led by their respective teachers and chaperones. Additionally, a total of 23 vendors tabled at the resource fair.

Dr. Francisca Beer, the Director of the JHBC Office of Academic Equity, spoke about Equity for Higher Education. Dr. Beer discussed the costs of college and the return on investment (ROI) of obtaining a college degree.

Students were split into their pre-designated groups and proceeded to participate in their scheduled activity. These activities included a truncated site tour of the campus, a resume workshop led by the CSUSB Career Center, and a resource fair from 23 organizations including several CSUSB academic departments, CSUSB support centers, community colleges and private industry.


Dean Anna and Dr. Beer

EOP Staff and Student Assistant

Students at the Pathway to logistics