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Anyone who has travelled through the Inland Empire recently has experienced the importance of the logistics sector to the region.  There are many heavy-duty vehicles on our roadways as goods move within and through the region. This increase in goods movement traffic has grown with the rise of e-commerce—leading to further congestion and environmental impacts. Yet, there are many new innovations related to sector that are promising relief.  These include alternative fuels for heavy-duty trucks; technological improvements in the management of the supply chain; planning and civil engineering advancements; and public-private partnership solutions.  The LTC October Regional Dialogue will look towards innovations and advancements that will impact how the logistics sector functions through the region.  Within this theme, we have put together a panel of experts who will share their ideas on what is currently happening and possibilities for the near future.

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Event Full Video

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Photo of Gretchen Ivy
Photo of Gretchen Ivy

Gretchen Ivy is a Vice President and Project Director of Transportation Planning and Policy at HNTB Corporation, a globally recognized planning, engineering and architecture firm. She has a background in civil and environmental engineering and received her M.S. in Engineering Management from the University of Kansas in 2006 and her B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1998. Ms. Ivy has 23 years of experience in the fields of transportation, freight and environmental planning; program management; policy development; grant writing and innovative financing; and intelligent transportation systems.

Currently, Ms. Ivy is assisting the I-10 Corridor Coalition – a partnership between California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas - with the planning and oversight of a range of freight efficiency and technology improvements for the western I-10 corridor. The Coalition’s goal is to work together to promote safer and more efficient travel for both people and freight along the I-10 corridor by sharing expertise and resources, jointly testing technology, and implementing innovative transportation improvements and best practices.

Ms. Ivy is serving as a technical advisor to the Coalition as they plan and deploy their first joint technology application across the I-10 corridor - a Truck Parking Availability System (TPAS). The I-10 TPAS project, once implemented, will help truck drivers and dispatchers make informed decisions about where to safely and efficiently park along the corridor in real-time. Truck drivers along this corridor frequently have difficulty finding authorized parking, which can result in decisions to park in unauthorized or unsafe locations, or to continue driving beyond their Federal Hours-of-Service limits. The TPAS project will help the Coalition create a system that can detect where truck parking is available at locations along the corridor and disseminate that information to truck drivers and dispatchers in real-time. This will reduce the amount of time and fuel spent looking for parking, as well as the risk that drivers will park in unauthorized locations or continue to drive while fatigued.

Prior to the I-10 Corridor TPAS project, Ms. Ivy also served as the project manager for an eight-state regional partnership to deploy a similar system in the Midwest and Great Lakes region, which has now been operational for 3 years at over 140 truck parking sites.

In addition to the I-10 Corridor TPAS project, the Coalition's vision is the realization of a connected corridor throughout the four states. Other technology deployments in the future could include enhanced freight traveler and weather information systems; roadside safety communications; oversize/overweight permit standardization; and planning for the future of connected and autonomous vehicles.  

Photo of Rebel Brown
Photo of Rebel Brown

Rebel Brown is QCI’s Vice President of Strategy & Marketing. Her deep expertise in strategy, product marketing/management and positioning has helped various U.S. and European advanced technology companies to create, enter and lead markets.

Rebel has helped leading edge technology ventures raise over $500 million in startup funding and supported exits to companies like Apple, IBM, EMC, SGI and BEA. Rebel is a proven marketing guru who’s consulting expertise for go-to-market strategies has led to dramatic results for over 75 startups and 200 high-tech and complex B2B technology companies.

Rebel is also a passionate speaker and workshop leader, using the power of neuroscience to help executive teams align communication to drive business performance. Rebel is the founder of Unstoppable U, a non-profit organization working with kids to heal them from abuse and trauma. Rebel earned a Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Evansville.

Photo of Mario Orso

Mario Orso is the Corridor Project Director for the South County and Trade Corridors for Caltrans, District 11 and is part of the District 11 Executive Team that oversees goods movement projects and border issues.

Mario is responsible for delivery of the District's Trade Corridor projects and South County projects, valued at more than $1.0 billion, which includes the new Otay Mesa East Port of Entry and State Route 11. He leads a team of Caltrans and San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) staff members and coordinates with multiple public and private agencies both in the U.S. and Mexico to meet the aggressive schedules of these crucial goods-movement projects in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Mario has 30 years of experience with Caltrans, having worked his way through the ranks from a junior civil engineer to his current appointment after earning his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from San Diego State University. In addition Mario holds a Professional Engineers Registration and has completed the Project Management Certificate Program that Caltrans and Sacramento State University offer.

Along the way he has made his mark as the District's First Native American Liaison, the Intergovernmental Review Branch Chief and Project Manager.

Troy Musgrave
Photo of Troy Musgrave

Troy Musgrave is Director of Process Improvement for Dependable Supply Chain Services, headquartered in Los Angeles California.  Musgrave’s previous appointments include leading the Dependable Highway Express Corporate Service Center from 2008 until 2014 and Southern California Sales Account Executive from 2001 until 2008. 

Prior to joining the Dependable family, he held several management positions with regional and national U.S. carriers accumulating 43 years of Truck Transportation experience.