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Southern California Consortium of Hispanic Serving Institutions - SCCHSI

Hispanic-Serving Institutions

Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) are defined in federal law as accredited and degree-granting public or private nonprofit institutions of higher education with 25 percent or more total undergraduate Hispanic full-time equivalent student enrollment.

Emerging Hispanic-Serving Institutions

Because many institutions do not meet the 25 percent cut off to be classified as HSIs, institutions classified as emerging HSIs refers to the institutions that have 20 - 20.4 percent undergraduate Hispanic full-time enrollment. Emerging HSIs are institutions that may soon meet the basic legislative definition of a Hispanic-Serving Institution.


  • Increase the access, retention and success of Latino students in higher education.
  • Partner and network to secure funding for member institutions.
  • Advance the development of Latino leadership at member institutions.
  • Serve as the venue for sharing information on funding, legislation, and other matters that advance the interests of member institutions.
  • Collaborate with communities, businesses, government, and other organizations to leverage resources.
  • Support and improve resource development and staff development, including sharing best practices and strategies.
  • Support and work collaboratively with state- and national-level organizations, agencies, and associations who share a common interest and mission to support Hispanic Serving Institutions and/or underserved populations in higher education.

Advantages & Opportunities

  • Strategic alignment across our So-Cal region
  • Relationship-building across consortium members and affiliates 
  • Leverage resources collectively, as a consortium
  • Pool our knowledge & expertise 
  • Capacity-building across our institutions
  • Brand enhancement of the consortium
  • Rank and prioritize the most pressing issues affecting HSIs
  • Deliberate and decide on which of those issues we can agree to work on, and hone, collaboratively
  • Provide solutions that are specific and explicit to our So-Cal region (moving away from the generic “one size fits all”) 
  • Sustain - Replicate - Bring “up to scale” the successful models, therefore magnifying the positive effects
  • “Giving priorities” (the consortium to act as a broker and/or external evaluator; advising foundations, philanthropists, government agencies, donors and funding agencies)

SCCHSI Territory Map

SCCHSI Consortium Counties: Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernnardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Ventura