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Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 137


Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 137—Relative to Latino Education and Advocacy Week.

[Filed with Secretary of State August 17, 2010.]


ACR 137, Carter. Latino Education and Advocacy Week.

This measure would declare the last week of March every year as a statewide week of advocacy for Latino education.

WHEREAS, The strength of the California education system and its place in a competitive global economy will depend largely on future educational outcomes among Latino students; and

WHEREAS, Latinos emerged as the largest minority group in the United States in the new millennium; and

WHEREAS, Statistically, since 1998, Latino children have become the largest minority student demographic in United States public schools; and

WHEREAS, Both Latino students and teachers have a high mobility rate, are located in racially segregated communities with high poverty rates, and attend schools with fewer resources, staffing, and programs; and

WHEREAS, Latino students have among the highest dropout rate, score among the lowest on achievement tests, and have low college enrollment rates; and

WHEREAS, One-half of all Latino students currently fail to graduate high school, and have had little progress in increasing college graduation rates over the last few decades; and

WHEREAS, Latino students represent an opportunity to increase diversity, strengthen the tax, labor, consumption, and investment pool, and increase ties with Mexico and Latin America; and

WHEREAS, Beginning March 29, 2010, California State University, San Bernardino, College of Education will host its inaugural Latino Education and Advocacy Week summit; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, the Senate thereof concurring, That every year the last week of March is hereby declared as a statewide week of advocacy for Latino education; and be it further

Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly transmit copies of this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.