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Original and Affiliate Programming

“Taking Our Message Directly to the People”

For two decades, LEAD Educational Projects has offered a wide array of educational and cultural content, including among the first to utilize internet-based technology and extend digital options.

"Netroots" is one way to describe our methods of awareness-raising, education, promotion, advocacy, activism, analysis, discussion, critique, and dissemination of educational issues that impact Latinos. 

The word is a combination of "internet and grassroots," reflecting the technological innovations, participatory democracy, and campaign-oriented activities that set our techniques apart from other forms of education and advocacy. Our work propels through local and regional efforts, with supra-local interlinks via national, and global web-based connectiveness -- that organizes communication points that spread out, but are not directed outward to, or from, any one singular point.

We welcome you to our LEAD Media Platform, and extend our resources to you. Our digital options are open-access, license-free, and available at no-cost.

Regardless of subject or grade level, educational segment, PK-12 or Higher Education, community-based and non-profit setting, and/or all and any formal and non-formal educational settings alike; our LEAD Media Platform offers free, useful and multiple benefits to be gained from incorporating our digital resources to compliment your curriculum or learning objectives to give that extra edge.

We feature multiple learning platforms and digital resource-sharing websites:

  • LEADCSUSB YouTube: a free video sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. 
  • CSUSB ScholarWorks: an open access institutional repository showcasing and preserving the research, scholarship, and publications of California State University, San Bernardino faculty, staff, and students.  
  • LEAD Castos: a web-based podcast hosting site and RSS Feed providing convenient and integrated listening across nearly 30 podcast directories. 
  • Chela TV, which is the official video platform of The Daily Chela, the first Chicano digital media outlet in the nation.

LEAD Original Programming

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  • LEAD Replay180 - segments from the past decade of LEAD Summit conferences
  • LEAD Sobremesa - up close interviews from the world of education, leadership, politics, advocacy, policy, history, and academia
  • LEAD Noticiero Móvil - multimedia news coverage providing Spanish and English content
  • LEAD Events - Theme-based summits/conferences, public forums, special presentations & capstone events, college & career expos, concerts, film presentations, etc.

LEAD Affiliate Programming

Raza Killings Database
- Voices of Strength

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Insider Career Conversations

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Novela Educativa®
- No Nacimos Ricos

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Press Releases

LEAD launches digital programming through its media platform

Press Release  - June 16, 2021

The Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD) project at CSUSB launches a digital platform this summer with original programming off its LEAD summits and affiliate programming.   Read the entire article...