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Working Toward Solutions

The LEAD organization, based at the California State University, San Bernardino, has taken the following steps in order to immediately address the critical educational issues among Latinos:

  • Apply existing technological networks to bring educational and community leaders together at the local, regional, and national levels.
  • With input from educational and community leaders, create action items to address these critical issues.
  • Engage educational and community leaders in discussions focused on the critical education issues affecting Latinos.
  • Publicize success/achievement of action items by participating educational institutions and community organizations.

Steps toward solution

  • Hold preliminary meetings with local, regional educational and community leaders to plan for regional/national conference
  • Publicize the LEAD Conference
  • Announce results of conference
  • Hold follow up meetings with local, regional educational and community leaders to assess implementation of action items
  • Report on success of action items

Issues for Regional Initiative

  1. Pre K-8 School readiness
    • Family (employment, housing)
    • Health
    • Pre-K access and quality
  2. High School: College readiness & Graduation/dropout crisis
    • On track to graduation (credits)
    • Quality Education/teachers
    • Community resources/mentorship
  3. College success
    • Support/mentorship
    • Financial support
    • Internships
    • Community-service
  4. Community readiness
    • Availability of jobs
    • Pipeline to homeownership
    • College/career pathway
    • Mentorship