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Academic Labor Relations

This office strives to foster a collaborative environment based on reason, respect and civility in order to encourage cooperative, creative solutions to resolve issues. Additionally, this office is responsible for implementing academic policies while ensuring the integrity and continuity of academic programs.

CONTACT:  Isatou Faal, Director
                     Phone: 73221

Academic Research, Office of (OAR)

This office oversees sponsored funding initiatives, internal faculty development programs and research compliance committees.
CONTACT: Dr. Dorota Huizinga, Associate Provost for Academic Research
                  AR 111A
                  Phone: 73064
Website: Academic Research                  

ADA Compliance Officer

CONTACT:  Robin Phillips, Vice President, Human Resources          
                     Phone: 73100

Anthropology Museum

The museum is open 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., M-F.  Docent tours available upon request.
CONTACT:  Dr. Arianna Huhn, Museum Director
                     Phone: 75505


CONTACT:  Rochelle Erwin, Manager
                     Bookstore Main Number: 75966
                     Bookstore Technology Dept. Number:  75986

California Faculty Association (CFA)

This office handles information related to Unit 3 Collective Bargaining Agreement.
CONTACT: Dr. Rong Chen,  Unit 3 Union Representative
                 CE 267
                 Phone: 77321


This office handles concerns related to disruptive behavior on campus among students, faculty or staff.
CONTACT: CARE is a multidisciplinary team with membership representing many domains of the university.
                  Phone: 72273

Center for International Studies and Programs (CISP)

This office deals with international students, study abroad programs, policies and procedures.
CONTACT:  Dr. Hyunkyoung (HK) Oh, Faculty Director
                    CE 352
                    Phone: 7753

Chief Diversity Officers

CONTACT: Kelly Campbell, Interim Vice-Provost, Academic Affairs
                  AD-101: Office of Academic Affairs
                  Phone: 73059
                  Robin Phillips,  Vice President, Human Resources          
                  Phone: 73100

                  Daria Graham,  Associate Vice President, Student Affairs & Dean of Students        
                  Phone: 73186

Children's Center

Daycare services are available to faculty and staff as space permits.
CONTACT:  , Director
                     Phone: 75928

College of Extended and Global Education (CEGE)

This office can provide information about Open University students and online degree programs.
CONTACT:  Dr. Hyunkyoung "HK" Oh, Interim Dean & Faculty Director, International Programs
                    HP 212
                    Phone 73535

Community Engagement, Office of (OCE)

This office connects faculty with local nonprofits, schools and government agencies for service learning and community-based research projects.
CONTACT:Diane Podolske, Director
                  FO 182
                  Phone: 77483

Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation (DHR) Officers

CONTACT: Dr. Kelly Campbell, Interim Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
                  AD-101: Office of Academic Affairs
                  Phone: 73059
                  Email: kelly@csusb.ed                

                  Robin Phillips,  Vice President, Human Resources          
                  Phone: 73100

                  Daria Graham,  Associate Vice President, Student Affairs & Dean of Students        
                  Phone: 73186

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Promotes diversity events and research
CONTACT:  HollieAllbaugh, Manager  
                     Phone: 74456


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

This program offers confidential help with work or non-work related issues affecting your life.
CONTACT:  Human Resources
                     Phone: 75138

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) 

Concerns related to environmental issues and occupational safety may be directed to this office.
CONTACT: Michael DeSalvio, Director
                    Phone: 73122

Faculty Affairs and Development (FAD)

This office oversees the faculty hiring and evaluation process.
CONTACT: Dr. Kevin Grisham,  Interim Associate Vice-President, Faculty Affairs and Development
                    CH-106: Office of Faculty Affairs and Development
                    Phone: 75522

Faculty Development Program (FDP)

This office is responsible for developing, implementing, and assessing a range of faculty development programs to support the professional development of individual faculty and academic leaders, and to support the implementation of institution-wide initiatives.
CONTACT: Dr. Brad Owen, Interim Associate Vice-President, Faculty Development
                    Phone: 77684

Graduate Studies 

This office is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Graduate Studies Office. Contact this office if you have policy or procedure questions related to theses, projects and dissertations, or commencement.
CONTACT: Dr. Dorota Huizinga, Dean of Graduate Studies
                   Phone: 75058

Infant/Toddler Lab School (ITLS)

Daycare services are available to faculty and staff as space permits. The school is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

CONTACT: Heather Moon, Assistant Director
                   Phone: 73928

Information Technology Services (ITS)

This office provides world class customer service, fosters and supports faculty led innovation and research, and improves operational efficiency through the use of information technology tools.

CONTACT: Dr. Samuel Sudhakar, CIO & Vice-President, ITS
                   Phone: 75100

Institutional Research & Analytics

Contact this office if you need descriptive information about CSUSB students and general information related to Intitutional Review Board (IRB) and survey development.
CONTACT: Dr. Muriel Lopez-Wagner,  Chief Data Officer & Associate VIce-President
                   SH  127B
                   Phone 75052

Ombuds Office

Faculty, Staff and students may contact this office for informal resolution of problems.
CONTACT:  Twillea Evans-Carthen, University Ombuds Officer
                     PL 268
                     Phone: 75635

Palm Desert Campus (PDC)

CONTACT: Phone 78100

Pfau Library

CONTACT: Dr. Rebecca Lubas, Dean
                    Library Main Number: 75084
                    Interlibrary Loans: 75093
                    Circulation Desk: 75090
                    Information Desk: 75084


CONTACT: Lt. John Gutierrez, Acting Chief of Police & Acting Director or Public Safety
                    Phone: 75164
                   Campus Escort Service: 75165
                   Lost and Found: 73782
                   Police Dispatch: 75165
                   Non-Emergency: 77777
                   Campus Emergency Hotline 75999
                   Emergency, 9-1-1

Queer & Transgender Resource Center

CONTACT: Lee Stovall, Coordinator
                   SMSU 112B
                   Phone: 77715

Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP)

This office assists with identification and submission of internal and external grants.
CONTACT:  Diane Trujillo, Director, Sponsored Programs Administration
                    Phone: 73664

Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art (RAFFMA)

The museum works to cultivate an appreciation for art and culture through guided tours, lectures and publications. The Museum also offers workshops for kids and other family-oriented.

CONTACT:   Merry Scully, Museum Director
                     Phone: 75493

Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD)

Refer to this office for more information about helping students have equal access to courses.
CONTACT:  , Director
                     UH 181
                     Phone: 75238

Student Conduct and Ethical Development

This office provides information related to the Student Code of Conduct (e.g., academic dishonesty /plagiarism).
CONTACT:  Dr. Lisa Root, Director of Student Conduct and Ethical Development
                     Phone: 77172

Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC)

The Center offers personal trainers and many additional programs (e.g., pool, exercise classes, sport clubs, climbing wall).
CONTACT: Vilayat Del Rossi, Director
                    RF 110
                    Phone:  77142

Student Research, Office of (OSR)

This office facilitates the research and creative activities of CSUSB graduate and undergraduate students by providing programs, activities, and funding opportunities.

CONTACT: Danielle White, Program Coordinator
                   Phone:  74594

Teaching Resource Center (TRC)

This office provides information on teaching grants, special programs, training and classroom technology, conferences, and campus policy on and prototype of syllabi.
                     FCE  4005
                     Phone: 77424

Technology Support Center (TSC)

Is the one-stop shop for support, information, and consultation of all technology-related matters; offers assistance with Blackboard, e-mail, wireless internet access, etc.
CONTACT:  Brandon Sierra,  Interim Assistant Director
                     Phone: 77677

Title IX and Gender Equity

This office is responsible for investigating all Title IX complaints of discrimination and harassment and grievances by students, staff, and faculty.
CONTACT:  Steven Vasquez, Interim Director
                     SU 131E
                     Phone: 77646
                     Website: Title IX & Gender Equity                 

Undergraduate Studies

This office is responsible for the coordination of the academic experience of students at CSUSB.
CONTACT:  Dr. Lesley Davidson-Boyd, Associate Vice-President, Academic Success & Undergraduate Advising
                     UH 329-C
                     Phone: 73252

University Faculty Mentoring Network (UFMN)

This office offers mentoring and guidance to tenure-track, untenured faculty regarding university policies, resources in particular retention, promotion and tenure (RPT) process.

CONTACT:  Dr. Josephine Mendoza, Director   
                     Phone: 77040

Women’s Resource Center (WRC)

CONTACT: Paloma Hinojosa, Coordinator
                   SMSU 220
                   Phone: 77203