Teaching Resource Center

TRC Fall 2018 Events

Strategies for University Learning:-
TSSA grant recipients from 2017-18 will share with colleagues what was learned at conferences, along with what worked in the classroom, and what didn’t. A light lunch will be provided.
Date and Time- Wednesday, October 10, Noon-1:00 pm
Location- PL-4005A, FCE

Teaching and Learning with e-Portfolios: Portfolium:-
Portfolium is a social networking platform which allows you to collect, share, and evaluate academic work supplemental to the transcript, thus connecting learning with opportunity. Portfolium is a relatively new technology, but the concept of an electronic portfolio (“e-portfolio”) has been growing steadily for the past couple of decades. E-portfolios allow learners to track their development over time, cultivate metacognition and self-reflective habits, and afford an opportunity for improved academic or career advising based on demonstrated strength, skill, knowledge, and ability.  As the campus approaches a new accreditation cycle, having ready access to samples of student work that align with departmental learning goals and NACE competencies is of heightened importance.
In this workshop, Dr. Jo Anna Grant (Director, TRC) and senior instructional designer Takiya Moore (ATI) will cover: (a) Getting started with Portfolium; (b) Best practices in creating Portfolium assignments; (c) Application of Campus Labs rubrics to Portfolium assignments; (d) Matching program assessment to outward-facing assignments.
Light lunch available.
Date and Time- Thursday, November 1, 2018, Noon-1:30 pm, FCE (PL 4005A)
Location- PL-4005A, FCE

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Teaching Academy: Theatre Methods for Activating Material and Engaging Students:-
All faculty and graduate student teachers are invited to join Professor Johanna Smith from Theatre Arts to explore fun and useful techniques that are guaranteed to engage CSUSB students in meaningful ways.  This workshop will showcase a variety of methods that can be easily applied across disciplines in large classrooms as well as small ones. Food and drinks will be provided. We hope to see you there.
Date and Time- Friday, November 05, Noon-1:30 pm
Location- ​​​​​​​PL-4005A, FCE

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Special Announcement

The Teaching Resource Center is pleased to announce its official support for Doctoral & Graduate Students! All are welcome to join our professional development groups, guest speaker events and weekly workshops. Please stop by PL-4005 at the Faculty Center for Excellence to visit us and we look forward to having you!

Welcome to the Teaching Resource Center!

As the incoming director for the Center, I wanted to share some of my vision for what the TRC can be.  The TRC provides professional development support around teaching and learning—regardless of your level of teaching experience or faculty appointment type. You can find workshops, institutes, faculty learning communities and programs to introduce you to new teaching ideas, techniques, technologies, and to provide ongoing professional development around specific topics.  You can also get support through our grant programs to attend teaching, learning, and assessment conferences or to develop or re-tool a course to include best practices, use new techniques (like flipping the classroom), or change the format from face-to-face to online or hybrid.

The TRC is an important partner in advancing CSUSB’s teaching mission. The Center partners with other entities on campus to provide faculty with resources to address major campus and system initiatives, such as the Quarter to Semester Conversion (Q2S), the new General Education program (GE2020), and the system’s graduation initiative (GI2025), among others. The TRC also supports faculty to pursue their more individualized professional development goals through its programming, learning communities, and grants.

As a person passionate about good teaching and student learning, I can think of no better job on campus than to work with our faculty who share that same passion, and support them in their continuous journey to do better for our students. I’m looking forward to working with all of you in this new role.

Jo Anna Grant

Director, TRC

Mission Statement

Established in 1996 for CSUSB faculty, the Teaching Resource Center (TRC) is dedicated to promoting and advancing effective, innovative instruction and the scholarship of teaching and learning through its programs and resources. 

The Faculty Senate Policy 871.4 guides the TRC's mission.

Instructional Quality Committee, 2018-19 Members

  • Lisa Bartle, Library 2017-2019 
  • VACANT, College of Education 2017-2019
  • David Maynard, Natural Sciences 2017-2019
  • Monty Von Wart, Business & Public Administration, 2018-2020
  • Mihaela Popescu, Arts & Letters, 2018-2020
  • John Reitzel, Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2018-2020
  • Rafik Mohamed, Dean Social & Behavioral Science
  • Clare Weber, Deputy Provost & Vice Provost Academic Programs, Ex-officio
  • Jo Anna Grant, Director, Teaching Resource Center Ex-officio
  • Craig Seal, Undergraduate Studies Rep Ex-officio
  • Dorota Huizinga, Associate Provost for Academic Research/Graduate Studies, Ex-officio

Instructional Quality Committee, Duties

This committee, in conjunction with the Teaching Resource Center, shall study and provide recommendations to the Senate concerning the maintenance of instructional quality, and the systematic review of Instructional Quality Evaluation, and teaching excellence at the University, especially in an environment of rapid growth.

The duties shall also include serving as advisory committee to the Director of the Teaching Resource Center, allocating available funds and encouraging activities in areas such as workshops on instructional improvement, instructional consultation services, innovation in teaching, and curriculum development.