Teaching Resource Center

Welcome to the revised TRC website!

As the TRC Interim Director, my aim is to provide a supportive environment and a variety of resources for faculty to develop new and exciting ways to facilitate student learning. We do this work through institutes and long-term sustained learning communities that include faculty from all disciplines. Bringing a variety of perspectives, faculty study topics such as disciplinary thinking; how people learn; equity, diversity, and inclusion; and course and program design. We study research around teaching and learning in order to improve our own teaching and hence student learning, and plan for course innovations that will deepen student learning and foster integration of ideas from a variety of disciplines.

In the months since I began this position, I’ve been privileged to work with and learn from faculty - both  facilitators and participants - from a wide variety of disciplines. The collegial atmosphere and diversity of ideas and perspectives have made the work rewarding and exciting. I invite you to join us in whatever way or amount you are able!

--Davida Fischman

Interim Director, TRC




TRC'S Opening Events on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017!

Parallel morning/afternoon workshops, poster session, lunch event, and much more!!

To register online for TRC events, please go to the Online Registration Form

Note that for Fall 2017, Teaching Academy events will have RSVPs via the TRC OrgSync Portal.

Mission Statement

Established in 1996 for CSUSB faculty, the Teaching Resource Center (TRC) is dedicated to promoting and advancing effective, innovative instruction and the scholarship of teaching and learning through its programs and resources. 

The Faculty Administrative Policy 871.4 guides the TRC's mission.

Instructional Quality Committee, 2016-17 Members

  • Lisa Bartle, Library, 2015-17
  • Kathryn Howard, Education, 2015-17
  • Ted Coleman, Natural Sciences, 2015-17
  • Kimberly Collins, Business & Public Administration, 2016-18
  • Kareen Gervasi, Arts & Letters, 2016-18
  • Kevin Grisham, Social & Behavioral Science, 2016-18
  • Eri Yasuara, Former Dean, Arts & Letters
  • Rong Chen, Associate Provost, Ex-Officio
  • Davida Fischman, Teaching Resource Center Director, Ex-Officio
  • Terry Rizzo, Undergraduate Studies Rep, Ex-Officio
  • Graduate Studies Rep, Ex-Officio

Instructional Quality Committee, Duties

This committee, in conjunction with the Teaching Resource Center, shall study and provide recommendations to the Senate concerning the maintenance of instructional quality, and the systematic review of Instructional Quality Evaluation, and teaching excellence at the University, especially in an environment of rapid growth.

The duties shall also include serving as advisory committee to the Director of the Teaching Resource Center, allocating available funds and encouraging activities in areas such as workshops on instructional improvement, instructional consultation services, innovation in teaching, and curriculum development.