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Questions about zoom answered

Questions about Zoom Addressed

Many of you have expressed questions/concerns about Zoom (Zoom-bombing, security, privacy, etc.).  The attached letter from the Michael Berman and Ed Hudson  may address some of your questions, or at least provide insight from the perspectives of the Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer in the Chancellor's Office, respectively. 

Also, please see our campus' suggestions on How to Mitigate Zoom-Bombing in your classes & meetings.

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Feedback on High Impact Practices Certificate-Teaching & Learning Track

"I learned a lot about Zoom that has various aspects to be used."

"Learning new ideas to incorporate."

"Thank you so much for an amazing experience!"

"I didn't know much about e-Portfolios, so I learned a great deal here."

"Plenty of examples. Small group work was fun."

"Helps me to make a better course plan."

 Feedback on Pedagogy Cafe

"I am very impressed and inspired."

"Very enjoyable."          "Amazing ideas."

"Thank you so much! This has been sensational!"

"I want to say thank you...[for] helping me tease out my idea of Diversity."

"...thank you for great ideas, I now have a vision."

"I am really appreciative of the help and feedback."