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English majors are in demand in various tech fields. Employers in the technology sector value English majors for their ability to think synthetically, compose imaginatively, and communicate effectively.

Career paths in technology include:

Corporate Blogger

Corporate bloggers write content for company blogs.  They conduct research for blog projects, develop ideas for blog and social media posts, and work with the company’s social media manager to promote content.  One purpose of a corporate blogger’s work is to create a sense of community between businesses and their clients.

Skills and Responsibilities

  • Promote the company’s goals, activities, and values via blogs and social media posts
  • Write informative and engaging content
  • Edit and proofread content for clarity, grammar, and style
  • Integrate photos and videos within written text
  • Possess excellent research skills

Where They Work

Corporate bloggers often work with corporate communications specialists or social media managers in businesses and nonprofits.  Companies and organizations that have recently posted jobs for corporate bloggers in California include ProClip, Traveler’s Choice, and Alta Mira Realty.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers oversee social media sites for companies and organizations.  They ensure that sites have engaging written and visual content to enhance the group’s profile.  They are also responsible for tracking and analyzing user traffic on the sites.

Skills and Responsibilities

  • Create high quality content for different social media platforms
  • Have excellent writing skills
  • Be adept in photography, videography, and editing
  • Have an eye for design
  • Stay up on timing for social media posts
  • Manage budgets for social media campaigns
  • Use analytic tools to track and measure user engagement

Where They Work

Social media managers often work for large companies, small businesses, and organizations.  They may also freelance. Companies and organizations that have recently posted jobs for social media managers in California include Torrid, Vixlet, Stanford University, and WHAM Network.

Web Developer

Web developers design, build, and maintain websites.  They may write programming code, as well as create and edit website content.  

Skills and Responsibilities

  • Design and write content for websites
  • Be able to design and write code in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Be skilled in graphic design
  • Think creatively
  • Possess excellent communication skills, both spoken and written

Where They Work

Web developers may work for companies or organizations, or they may freelance. Some companies who hire web developers include WebMD, Walmart eCommerce, Disney ABC Television Group, and Amazon.  Companies in California that have recently posted jobs for web developers in California include Esri, Tours4Fun, Ganex Studios, and OMNI Media.

SEO Manager

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting a website toward the top of an internet search results list.   A coffee shop’s website, for example, is well ‘optimized’ if it consistently comes up first on a search for coffee shop, best café, good hangouts, or other keywords.  SEO is an important aspect of web marketing because the higher the search ranking of a website, the more likely it is to attract users.

SEO managers oversee the optimization process, which includes selecting keywords to include in the website, updating the site content, and tracking what content garners the most user traffic.

Skills and Responsibilities

  • Improve a website’s search ranking through strategic linguistic and content choices
  • Use metrics to identify website material that attracts users
  • Have keen sensitivity to language
  • Collaborate well with others

Where They Work

SEO managers may work for large companies or small businesses, or they may freelance. Some major companies who have hired SEO managers include: Zillow, Best Buy, and Amazon. Companies that have recently posted jobs for SEO managers in California include Tesla, PGA Tour, and Khan Academy.

Video Game Writer

Game writers compose storylines for video games, as well as develop the stories’ characters, dialogue, and backstory details.  They collaborate with the game’s mission designers, level designers, artists, and voice actors to ensure that the story aligns with the game’s other elements.  Game writers often do extensive research on historical and other aspects of the game’s world in order to enhance authenticity in the story script. A creative writing background is of great value to game writing, as is some knowledge of coding and/or digital art design.

Skills and Responsibilities

  • Write storylines and dialogue for video games
  • Research the context of the game’s world
  • Collaborate with designers, artists, and voice actors on the game team
  • Think creatively
  • Be skilled at character development
  • Attend closely to detail
  • Be willing to revise and edit extensively in response to team feedback

Where They Work

Video game writers may work for game developers such as Nintendo, Sony, Blizzard, and Microsoft.  Companies that have recently posted jobs for video game writers in California include Riot Games, LongShorts, and Pixelberry Studios.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

Cyber threat intelligence analysts track cyber activities that threaten information systems.  Such activities may involve computer hacking or malware attacks aimed at stealing data or financial resources from companies and organizations.  To identify these threats, analysts draw on multiple sources of intelligence, as well as follow geopolitical events. They also write reports about current or future cyber threats, making recommendations about how to address them.  

English majors bring valuable skills to cyber threat intelligence work.  They are able to discern patterns in messages, interpret meaning, and synthesize material from a range of sources.  An English degree alone, however, is generally insufficient for working in cyber intelligence; analysts typically need supplementary certification and experience in cyber security.

Skills and Responsibilities

  • Identify cyber threats to companies and organizations
  • Track adversarial cyber activities via social media, intelligence reports, and current events
  • Identify purpose, context, authorship, and linguistic features of cyber activity
  • Write reports and prepare presentations
  • Be able to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate complex information
  • Collaborate well with team members
  • Possess excellent communication skills, both spoken and written

Where They Work

Cyber threat intelligence analysts often work for large businesses and organizations, government agencies, and universities. Companies and organizations that have recently posted jobs for cyber threat analysts in California include Sunwest Bank, NBCUniversal, Northrop Grumman, DigiTrust Group, RAND Corporation, and University of Southern California.