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B.A. in English


The English department at CSUSB offers courses in literature, linguistics, and various kinds of writing. Undergraduate English majors may choose one of three tracks: literature, creative writing, or linguistics. These three tracks share a common core of nine four-unit classes and the common requirement of a final, one-unit senior project (English 516).

Beyond the common core, the literature track requires an additional 20 units (five classes) in literature and literary studies plus 16 units of English electives. The creative writing track requires an additional 20 units primarily in the writing of fiction and poetry plus 16 units of English electives. The linguistics track requires an additional 20 units in the study of language, also plus 16 units of English electives.

Within each track there are many options for you to pursue your particular interests; you can use the 16 units of English electives towards the English Teacher Preparation Program (ETPP) should you plan to seek a single-subject teaching credential in English as your career option.


The goal of the English program is to develop the ability to read carefully, to write clear and well-supported analyses of literary works, to understand various aspects of the English language, and to gain a broad knowledge of writers and literary forms from a variety of periods and cultures. The three tracks enable you to develop your interests under the umbrella term 'English': literature students go on to do more focused studies on topics in literature; creative writing students acquire an appropriate level of skill in the writing of original poetry or fiction; linguistics students obtain a conscious knowledge about how the English language works in its many facets.

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