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Professional Opportunities

Teaching Associateships

The English MA English and Writing Studies offers paid teaching associateships.  For more information visit our Teaching Associate Program in English Composition.  Once selected, each Teaching Associate will teach no more than one course per quarter for two quarters. A maximum of 10 Teaching Assistantships will be granted per academic year.

To qualify, candidates must be currently enrolled in M.A. in English Composition at CSUSB.

In addition, candidates Teaching Associate positions must meet the minimum qualifications:

  1. Must be enrolled in good standing as a classified graduate student in the M.A. in English Composition program.
  2. Must have completed the following prerequisite courses with a grade of B or better: • Contemporary Discourse and Composition Theory (ENG 612) • Two praxis courses chosen from: ENG 626, 630, 657, 658, or 660 • An internship (ENG 662 or 664) in a composition course (ENG 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 240, or 306)
  3. Must maintain academic eligibility throughout employment period (enrolled, with 3.5 GPA or higher).
  4. Must be available to teach course at time assigned (MWF or TR mornings or afternoons).
  5. Must enroll in the TA Practicum course in fall and winter quarters of the Associateship.
  6. Must attend pre-employment course planning sessions.
  7. Must not have previously held a Teaching Associateship in the program.
  8. Must accept responsibility and have the ability to relate well to others.

Graduate students in the TA program must maintain enrollment in the M.A. in English Composition in addition to the TA Practicum (1 unit) course.

Please direct any questions about the TA program to the TA coordinator.

Please see your concentration coordinator for any questions about the TA Program, and the M.A. in English Composition website for TA application information.

Applications are typically due in mid May each year.

Faculty-Student Grants

The Faculty/Student Grants offered by the Office of Student Research (OSR) are designed to facilitate the initiation and/or development of collaborative research or creative activity (RESCA) between students and faculty. Projects under this program are intended to provide students in-depth “hands-on” experience in the research or creative activity process.

Peer Research Consultant Positions

Peer Research Consultants (PRC) assist undergraduates with their research projects. Faculty will select a graduate or undergraduate student who will attend all class sessions. The PRC will lead discussion groups in which they assist students with aspects of their research project and will be paid for this work.

Peer Lab Consultant Positions

Peer Lab is a peer-led instruction program modeled after the Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program used at many other universities. The functions of this program are to schedule regularly out-of-class supplemental instruction sessions to assist students in understanding the course material and to improve students' overall learning and reasoning skills. Peer Lab sessions are led by Peer Lab Facilitators, students who have taken the course before and have earned a high grade, and have mastery of the course content. Peer Lab targets high-risk courses rather than high-risk students, and is designed to give students extra instruction that will help them succeed in these traditionally difficult courses and will be paid for this work.

Research and Travel Grants

The Office of Student Research Research and Travel Grants

ASI provides funding for graduates for:

  • Conducting research for an independent study, academic course, or honor's project.
  • Attending a conference.

Meeting of the Minds Annual Student Research Symposium

At the Meeting of the Minds Student Research Symposium, CSUSB graduate and undergraduate students will have the opportunity to showcase their research and creative activities (RESCA) through oral and poster presentations. Participants with the best presentations will receive an award. This is an excellent opportunity for students to hone their presentation skills while sharing their talents and knowledge with others

English Language Support Center

Students concentrating in Applied Linguistics and TESL can apply for paid tutoring positions in the English Language Support Center. CSUSB understands that English Language Learners come from diverse backgrounds and have a rich variety of educational experiences. The English Language Support Center (ELSC) provides a welcoming environment that can help students – as well as faculty and staff – make the university experience rewarding and successful.