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Financing your M.A.

A graduate degree is an investment in your future, and an important factor in deciding whether to apply is its affordability. Our degree program is typically two years, or 30 semester units. You can find out the cost of your education by checking out the CSUSB Net Price Calculator.

Teaching Associateships

TA Program

Grants, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

Prospective CSUSB graduate students should check out the Office of Graduate Studies Financial Support page.

Grants and Fellowships

Students can receive grants and fellowships for financial support for the M.A. in English Composition from a variety of funding sources.

M.A. in English & Writing Studies students have been successful in obtaining these fellowships and grants

California Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
State University Grants
Student Research and Travel Grants

Information on grants for CSUSB graduate students can be found at The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, through the Office of Graduate Studies.

Additional funding opportunities are available through the Office of Student Research including:

  1. Grants to support faculty and student collaborative research: Faculty/Student Grant
  2. Grants to support student research projects: OSR Student Grant
  3. Grants to support interdisciplinary student research: SSI Innovative Scholars Fund
  4. Grants to support student thesis research: SSI Graduate Scholars Thesis Grants


Several scholarship opportunities are available through CSUSB. You might also consider looking into off-campus scholarships, as well as scholarship search engines that CSUSB recommends, and Scholly.

Financial Aid

Most students qualify for federal financial aid, and should fill out theĀ Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and be aware of various loan programs.