Applying to be a Writing Consultant in the CSUSB Writing Centers

All consultants in the CSUSB Writing Centers must have completed English 330 (as undergraduate students) or English 630 (as graduate students) with a grade of “B” or better.

If you are currently enrolled in either class, you should begin with step #1 below and proceed as directed.

If you have already completed either ENG 330 or ENG 630 (or ENG 530, from a prior quarter), you should begin with step #2 and proceed as directed.

Before the quarter ends:

1) Let your professor know that you’re planning to apply to become a tutor. While most of the rest of the process can happen at the start of the next quarter, it’ll be helpful for your professor to know what to expect.

As early as possible in the quarter:

2) Fill out the online application. The application asks for names of three (3) faculty members who will serve as references for you; we recommend that you ask professors who can speak not just to your writing abilities but also to your interpersonal skills and to your overall professionalism. The Writing Centers’ Director will contact them to obtain the recommendations.

Note: faculty references do not have to be English faculty members. 

3) Schedule an interview. The Writing Centers’ Director, Maggie Cecil, or Nathan Jones, the Assistant Director, will set up a time that works for you and the members of the interview panel who will be conducting your interview.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a CSUSB Writing Consultant!