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The Master of Arts in English and Writing Studies is designed for students interested in pursuing advanced studies in the related fields of applied linguistics and teaching English as a second language, literature, composition and rhetoric, as well as English pedagogy and public and professional writing.  Below is a list of important resources for current students.  

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Current students should check this page often for updated program information, and are also required to subscribe to the program listserv, ENGMA. You are welcome (and indeed encouraged!) to contact your coordinator for advising at any stage in the program.

Comprehensive Exam Dates, *Spring 2020

If you decide to take the Comp Exam this Spring quarter, we are moving all the exams one week later because of the late start to the quarter.

Here are the *new dates:

  • Wednesday, April 22 – Literature and Applied Linguistics:  Take-home (on Blackboard at 8 am)
  • Wednesday, May 6 – Composition: Take-home (on Blackboard at 8 am)
  • Saturday, May 23 – * On-Site Exam (9 am morning session, 1 pm afternoon session)

*Please note if you choose to delay your comprehensive exam until Summer 2020 you must be registered for the Spring 2020 comprehensive exam course.

If you elect to take it during this time frame you must contact Dr. Jessica Luck ( before Spring 2020 CENSUS (April 20, 2020). 

  • Wednesday, July 1 - Literature and Applied Linguistics:  Take-home
  • Wednesday, July 15 - Composition: Take-home
  • Saturday, August 1 - On-site exam (either on campus or virtual if it must be)

Process for Comprehensive Exam and Continuous Enrollment through College of Extended and Global Education (CEGE)

This policy was approved to allow graduate students to register for either 698 Continuous Enrollment (0-units) or 999 Comprehensive Exam (0-units) courses through the College of Extended and Global Education Learning . While students may continue to register for these courses through regular state-side enrollment, if the graduate student is only taking this single course, they may enroll through CEGE for a cost of only $260.  Note that although these are zero-unit courses, graduate students would normally pay the 0-6 unit fee of $1,780.25 for the quarter. 

Form needed to register: