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Digital Signage Request


The Dean’s Office is responsible for maintaining the LCD screen located in the elevator lobby of the first floor of the Social & Behavioral Sciences Building. As well as, the four smaller LCD screens located in front of SB-127 which display news headlines from different publications only. The Elevator Lobby Screen is used to publicize college-related news, activities, and events to CSBS students, staff, and faculty.

In addition to the service, the CSBSIT Team will be responsible for the 3 department screen located on the 3rd Floor (Anthropology and Geography), 4th Floor (School of Social Work), and 4th Floor (Psychology)


  • The event, topic, or activity must be college-related and will be approved by the CSBS Associate Dean.

  • Form must be received by the Dean’s Office at least 3 weeks prior to the desired publicity period.

  • Form submission to the Dean’s Office does not guarantee a commitment to publicize said event or activity on CSBS Lobby Screen.

  • The activity sponsor will be responsible for contacting the Dean’s Office immediately of any information resulting in changes i.e. date, time, cancellation, so that the Lobby Screen will always reflect accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Questions and/or concerns about the Lobby Screen publicity should be directed to the Dean’s Office.


  1. Information about an activity, topic, or event should be submitted to the Dean’s Office (SB-207) by completing the required CSBS Lobby Screen Request Form. The Dean’s Office will date-stamp the material upon receipt.

  2. If/when your request is approved, you will receive an email (with subject line: “[CSBS Lobby Screen Request Approved]”) to send your image slide (see Image Slide section below).

    1. You will have 10 working days before desired publicity period to respond.

  3. The Dean’s Office will make every attempt to publicize major events for at least a week prior to the activity, provided that all of the necessary information has been received in a timely fashion and remains accurate.

Image Slide

The image slide that will be displayed upon approval should meet the following:

  • Limits:
    • Formats: JPG or PNG
    • One slide per activity/event/topic
  • Image Size: 493 pixels by 619 pixels
  • Date:
  • Time:
  • Place:
  • Background on event:
  • Person/Website/Email for more information