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Welcome to the CSUSB Model United Nations Program

Official seal for the CSUSB Model United Nations Program
Official seal for the CSUSB Model United Nations Program

CSUSB Model United Nations (CSUSB - MUN)

The GEOG 5756 Model United Nations Practicum (CSUSB - MUN) is perhaps the most unique class at CSUSB. It is an academic program, but it is also an incredible experience. This class fulfills GE requirements.

Academically, this class teaches students about international issues, the numerous and incredible ways the United Nations works on those issues, and how the global community is responding to challenges of the next decade, century, and millennia. The way we do this is by assuming the role of diplomats of one or more Member States (countries, in UN language). Each year the team chooses a Member State to represent in the National Model UN conference. The assigned Member State has specific policies and holds specific positions in the United Nations system. Students learn about the positions of that Member State and how to think, behave, and speak like a diplomat from that Member State. Most of the work in this class is doing high-level, current, scientific, and diplomatic research and writing. 


Personally, students will learn and practice public speaking, caucusing, and parliamentary procedures. But most importantly, they will gain unforgettable experience and life-long friendships. These connections, friendships, and extra- curriculum activities have paved the way for many this program's alumni. Many have succeeded in prestigious graduate programs, law-schools, and medical schools. Many others have achieved legislative, diplomatic, foreign services, law enforcement, national security, academic, scientific, public and private sector, and much more to count. The reason is that this program is more than a class. It demands more than a class, and it gives more than a class.   

The class time for MUN Practicum is Fridays from 2 PM to 6 PM

The application for the CSUSB - MUN New York 2023 is now closed. Please come back in August and apply for the next team.