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Welcome to the CSUSB Model United Nations Program

Official seal for the CSUSB Model United Nations Program
Official seal for the CSUSB Model United Nations Program

Welcome to the CSUSB Model United Nations (MUN) Program 

The CSUSB Model United Nations (CSUSB - MUN) Program is an academic program housed in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies within the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at California State University, San Bernardino. The CSUSB - MUN Program is an academic program that fulfills a GE requirement. Each year the team is assigned a new Member State (a country) to represent in the conference. The assigned Member State has specific role in the United Nations system with specific positions. Students learn about the positions of a given Member State, they learn about the United Nations, the role of different Member States within the UN, and how to think, behave, and speak like a diplomat.

The training for the MUN team includes research, writing, interpersonal communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, and public speaking. There is substantial work and commitment associated with the program. The team meets on Fridays from 2 PM to 6 PM. 

The career paths some of our alumni have succeeded in spans legislative and legal, diplomatic and foreign services, law enforcement and national security, academic and research, and private sector. 

The CSUSB MUN Program annually participates in the National Model UN (NMUN) conferences held in New York City every Spring and at a variety of international sites every Fall (including South Korea, Czech Republic, Canada, Japan, and Germany). The CSUSB MUN team has participated in NMUN conferences globally for more than two decades. 

  • For more details concerning the MUN Program, see the Overview

  • If you are interested in becoming a part of the CSUSB MUN Program, you must fill out the Application.

  • Then you must take the test.

  • After that you will be contacted for interview.

  • If you want to see a bit more about the National Model UN conference, check out their NMUN YouTube channel.

Fall 2022 CSUSB Coyote Model UN Team Kobe City, Japan Application is now closed.

The CSUSB MUN Program will be attending the NMUN Conference in Kobe city, Japan in November 2022. 

The application is closed, and we strongly encourage you to apply for the 2023 CSUSB MUN-New York City team. 

For applicants to be eligible to serve on the Fall 2022 CSUSB MUN Team (MUN-Kobe), applicants must be an enrolled student. The Kobe City officials enforce a clear and strict vaccination code. You must be vaccinated to participate in NMUN. Proof of vaccination is required by the Japanese government and the Kobe City officials. 

For more questions contact Prof. Sina Bastami at -- the Faculty Advisers for the CSUSB Model United Nations Program.