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CSBS Printing

We provide printing services to CSBS faculty and staff. Our goal is to provide high quality print jobs to meet your needs. To ensure efficient and timely service, please review the following pages for instructions.

Note: Department/Office must provide ink and paper for all printing. Please contact CSBS IT at 909.537.7676 for purchasing information.

Terms of Service

Print jobs are processed in 1-2 business days (depending on workload).

Important Notice

CSBS IT does not have a same-day turnaround service. Your poster will be processed in 1-2 business days. The required draft and subsequent final version each take 1-2 business days to process.

CSBS IT is not expected to deliver earlier than this time, regardless of the circumstances.

Any exceptions to this must be requested of and agreed to, in writing, prior to poster print submission. Exceptions do not constitute a guarantee of delivery.

How to Submit a Print Job

  • Submit your request by filling out the print submission form.
  • After your request has been submitted, CSBS IT will contact you to review your draft or pickup of final print job.
    • Every draft requested must be reviewed by in person by requestor BEFORE final is printed.

Requesting Draft Prints

  • CSBS IT will contact you when draft is ready for your review.
  • Requestor must review draft, in person, for any design mistakes, typos, printer formatting errors, color, ect.
  • Requestor must review draft for any design mistakes, typos, ect.
  • If corrections need to be made, then requestor will make corrections and upload the revised file through our print submission form (selecting 'Revision').
  • If no corrections are made and requestor approves, then upload file to print submission form and select 'Final (Glossy)' or 'Final (Plain Paper)'.
  • Please note that only two draft posters and one final (glossy/plain) are permitted per print job.
    • Permission for more draft/final prints of the same print file must be given by deparment chair to IT Supervisor.
    • Permission for pickup of draft/final prints by someone other than the advising faculty or named poster submitter must be requested by the advising faculty

Requesting Final Prints

  • CSBS IT will contact you when final print is ready for pickup.

We understand poster print jobs come during stressful times with fixed deadlines. We however must insist common courtesy is exercised when communicating with CSBS IT Staff and Students regarding your poster. Poster printing is just one small aspect in our office’s workload and service catalog. These policies and procedures have been developed through years of experience and are there to set and meet expectations.

Bottom Line: Speaking harshly to CSBS IT Staff and Students will not be tolerated and cases of this will be reported to advising faculty and/or department chairs as deemed necessary by the office IT supervisor.