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Grow you digital and career skills to flourish in today's job market. The Grow with Google Career Readiness Program offers interactive learning paths that will help build digital and practical skills needed to thrive in internships or post-college employment. Resume writing, interview techniques, and how to succeed in a new job, are but a few lessons you can use. Each lesson links to a video file, PDF, or website where you can directly view or download additional content.


Grow with Google Drop-In Hours


Summer 2023: 11 AM to 1 PM

Tuesdays In-person - SMSU South 112

Wednesday & Thursday Virtual 



How to create your Grow with Google Account?

<a href="">Watch Signing Up for Grow with Google as a CSUSB Student YouTube Video</a>


Five Learning Paths

Build Your Digital Skills

In this path, students explore a variety of Google digital tools and how they can be used to increase productivity in the workplace and in everyday life.

Explore Career Paths

Students research different possible career paths to figure out which career might be right for them. Then, they create a career plan and start networking to find a job in the field. In this path, learn how to research different career paths and create a career plan.



Land A Great Job

Students use digital tools to search for a job, write a resume and cover letter, and stand out in interviews, all while conveying their personal brand. In this path, learn how to use digital tools to land a great job.

Succeed At Your New Job

Students practice running efficient meetings, managing projects, and presenting to stakeholders. In this path, students learn digital skills to help them be successful in their new role.

Start Your Own Business

In this path, students research business opportunities, write a business plan, and estimate the financing they’ll need to create their own business.



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Student FAQ's 

What is the program?

Grow with Google HSI Career Readiness program helps ensure that the opportunities created by technology are available to everyone. Through free tools and training, we help students get the skills they need to succeed in their classes, internships, jobs and future careers.

What can I use the certificate for?

The certificate can be used as proof that you have completed a Google training and can be added to your resume.

Is it free?

Yes, this program is offered at no cost to our students and alumni.

How long will it take?

Each pathway varies, most of them take about an hour to complete the video modules. 

Who can participate in the program?

Any current CSUSB students and alumni.

How can I check my progress?

You can use the 'Reach out to Us' function at the bottom of this page or visit the Career Center office (UH-329) to check your progress. 

How many videos can I watch?

Users have access to 31 modules that include videos and downloadable content. There are no limitations set for the user and you are highly encouraged to interact with every module available.


Can Alumni use this program?

Yes, alumni are able to use this program with an alumni email address. An alumni email address can be acquired through the Alumni Relations website. 

Do we need to Opt-In to the Data Share?

It is optional BUT we highly encourage students to opt-in. 

This is what agreeing to the data share allows:

Linking your Skillshop account with your Google Ads account will give Google the ability to display your name, activity progress, enrollment information, valid exams, achievements, and certifications with the Google Ads manager accounts enabled for Google Partners. Other users who have access to that Google Ads manager account will also be able to see this data. 

If at any time you wish to stop sharing account information, you can unlink your accounts on your Skillshop profile.



Faculty & Advisor FAQ's

How do I incorporate Grow with Google into my program?

Communicate to students to create their Grow with Google account here. Offer this resource in your Canvas classroom etc.

How do I get an Instructor Account?

The current Grow with Google program does not allow enough accounts to give all faculty/instructors administrative access. But faculty/staff will have regular access to the Grow with Google modules. 

How do I know when students complete a pathway?

The Career Center will be able to provide reports with the students who completed what is asked of them for faculty. 

Is it connected to Blackboard/Canvas?

We recommend you add the Grow with Google link to your canvas class dashboard for the students. 

Can I request a Grow with Google Presentation? 

Yes, you can request an appointment by filling out this request form.