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Job Opportunities Accessibility Statement

Web Accessibility Statement

CSUSB assures web accessibility through automated evaluations, quarterly manual evaluations, trainings for content editors and web developers, having an open-door policy for content editors, and establishing an accessibility-conscious culture.  While CSUSB is committed to ensuring the accessibility of our websites, our numerous content editors may occasionally make changes that render certain aspects of web pages inaccessible.

Job Opportunities Listing Website Errors

  • Tables
    • Tables are missing table scope attributes
    • Tables are missing captions
    • Tables are complex and should have additional coding (id’s) or be presented in another manner for usability
  • Frames
    • iframes are missing title attribute
  • Form Elements
    • Forms are missing submit button
    • Forms are missing a Label/Title
    • Fieldset is missing a Legend
    • Broken ARIA reference
  • Headings
    • Some pages use improper/fake Headings
  • List Elements
    • List Elements are not coded using UL or OL