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Web Tools

Web accessibility evaluation tools are software programs or online services that help determine if a website meets accessibility guidelines. While web accessibility evaluation tools can significantly reduce the time and effort to evaluate websites, no tool can automatically determine the accessibility of Web sites.

If you need assistance to address accessibility issues on your websites please feel free to contact Web Accessibility or Web Services.

Accessibility Check

We encourage the CSUSB campus community to determine the accessibility of their web pages using the following tools:

  1. Webaim WAVE toolbar provides a simple quick and easy to use a scanner that checks for many web page accessibility issues.
  2. Pope Tech will scan an entire website for accessibility, contact accessibility to have a full scan on your web page.

The WAVE toolbar is now covered in Drupal training and in the Drupal Users Group.  

Evaluation Tools for Content Editors

We recommend that Content Editors use the following browser plugins to check for the most common accessibility issues.

Broken Link Checkers

The link checker toolbar will identify any broken links one a webpage.  The easiest tool to use is Chrome’s Check My Links 

Chrome Check My Links

Mozilla Link Checker

W3C's Link Checker

Headings checker

Headings structure can be difficult to visualize. The following tool provides you an outline of your headings and highlights issues.

HeadingsMap Chrome

HeadingsMap Mozilla

Color Contrast 

The following toolbar is used for checking color contrast in Windows and Mac systems.

Colour Contrast Analyser