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ATI Steering Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Accessible Technology Services Coordinator & ATI Executive Sponsors

The CSUSB Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Steering Committee was established in 2007 under the authority of the CSU's coded memo regarding accessible technology. The Steering Committee is advisory to the Accessible Technology Services (ATS) Coordinator and is co-chaired by the CIO and VP of Information Technology Services and the VP of Students Affairs, who together serve as the Co-Executive Sponsors for the Accessible Technology Initiative. The ATS Coordinator and the Steering Committee ensure compliance with EO 1111, Coded Memorandum AA-2015-22, and the CSUSB Information Technology Accessibility Policy.

The campus Co-Executive Sponsors and the ATS Coordinator, working with the campus ATI Steering Committee, review and update the ATI Campus Plan to guide its implementation. The Plan indicates specific success indicators the campus will focus on across the 3 priority areas [instructional materials, web, and procurement]. The co-executive sponsors and the campus ATS Coordinator lead the ATI implementation efforts through the following activities:

  • Conduct quarterly ATI Steering Committee meetings.
  • Ensure that the Committee membership is comprised of all key stakeholder groups and includes members with appropriate experience and expertise to inform decision-making.
  • Engage in a periodic administrative review process with the Committee regarding challenges, milestones, resources, reviewing policies and procedures, and document ongoing progress.
  • Monitor, leverage, and implement deliverables from system-wide ATI activities that will advance campus efforts.
  • Ensure that Committee members monitor, participate in, and contribute to “Community of Practice” activities.
  • Channel communications from the CSU Chancellor’s Office to appropriate parties on campus.
  • Act as the signature of authority on ATI policies.

ATI Steering Committee

The ATI Steering Committee advises and assists the Co-Executive Sponsors and the ATS Coordinator in implementing the CSU Accessible Technology Initiative at CSU San Bernardino in the following three priority areas:

  1. Web accessibility
  2. Instructional materials accessibility
  3. Accessible Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)

The Committee also facilitates as a liaison to other stakeholder groups with an interest and role in ATI issues, such as Services to Students with Disabilities, the Faculty Senate, Academic Affairs, the campus bookstore, and other groups.

The ATI Steering Committee Members are comprised of:

  • Campus Administration - such as the Associate Provost, CIOs or Vice-Presidents
  • Academic and Faculty Representatives
  • Centers for Faculty Development
  • Services to Students with Disabilities
  • ADA Compliance Officer
  • Student Representatives

The CSUSB ATS Coordinator will oversee the ATI implementation including reviewing and revising the ATI Campus Plan, implementing project and activities to meet ATI goals, and documenting progress toward these goals using the ATI Annual Report process. Each of these responsibilities is described in more detail below.

Reviewing/Revising the ATI Campus Plan

Annually, the plan will indicate the specific success indicators on which the campus will focus its efforts across the 3 priority areas.

When developing the Plan, CSUSB considers the following information:

  • Current campus progress as described in the Annual Report with particular attention to success indicators with a status level of Not Started or Initiated.
  • ATI implementation activities across all 3 priority areas that will result in the greatest reduction of technology accessibility barriers.
  • Use the ATI Prioritization Framework to consider factors such as impact, probability, and campus capacity when prioritizing ATI implementation activities.
  • Deliverables associated with system-wide ATI activities that would advance CSUSB’s progress if adopted.
  • Campus collaborations that may accelerate or improve the quality of ATI activities.

Documenting Progress Using the Annual ATI Report

CSUSB submits an ATI Annual Report to the Chancellor's Office each year which details campus progress towards accomplishing the ATI Goals. The Chancellor's Office ATI department provides the framework and methodology for submitting ATI annual.

When completing the Annual Report each year, CSUSB will:

  • Affirm that the CSUSB has reviewed and revised its ATI Campus Plan.
  • Report on the status of all goals and success indicators since campus progress may result from system-wide and campus–level activities.
  • Document the campus commitment to work on specific success indicators.

ATI Sub-Committees

The CSUSB Accessible Technology Services Coordinator oversees three teams that work together with the campus community to accomplish goals in ATI priority areas:

  • Instructional Materials Sub-Committee: provides resources, tools, training, and expertise to faculty and staff to ensure that all instructional materials are created with accessibility best practices.
  • Procurement Sub-Committee: provides resources, tools, training, and expertise to employees and vendors to ensure that all information & communication technology (ICT) products and services purchased for the University are accessible to all.
  • Web Sub-Committee: provides resources, tools, training, and expertise to faculty and staff to ensure that all University and auxiliary websites are accessible to all.

The ATI Sub-Committees are responsible for:

  • Providing input on the ATI Annual Report for their respective areas
  • Maintaining an updated Accessibility Plan (Instructional Materials Accessibility Plan, Procurement Plan, and Web Accessibility Plan)
  • Conducting risk assessments for their respective areas
  • Annual review of standards and guidelines for their respective responsibilities