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Campus Accessibility Advisory Board Charter

Campus Accessibility Advisory Board Charter

Reviewed By: Albert K. Karnig, President on
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The CAAB will provide a process to allow for the reporting and resolution of physical or programmatic barriers. The CAAB provides campus oversight to ensure the requirements of The California State University Board of Trustees Policy on Disability Support and Accommodations (E.O. 1111) and the Policy for the Provision of Accommodations and Support Services to Students with Disabilities (Coded Memo AA-2014-08) are executed.

Mission Statement

California State University, San Bernardino is dedicated to ensure that programs and facilities are accessible to all students, staff, faculty and members of the community. To this end, the Campus Accessibility Advisory Board (CAAB) has been established to assist the University to identify and resolve barriers to individuals with disabilities.


See Procedure for Resolution of Accessibility Barriers.


The CAAB will meet regularly, not less than once per term. All meetings will be open to the campus community and will include a provision for accepting items from the floor. Location and time for meetings may be adjusted to allow provision of reasonable accommodations for participants.

Required Positions

The following positions are required members of CAAB:

  • ADA Compliance Officer
  • Associate Vice President, Human Resources
  • Director, Services to Students with Disabilities
  • Associate Vice President, Facilities Planning and Management
  • Accessible Technology Initiative Coordinator


Appointments will be made by the President (or designee) in the Fall term for the following academic year, and will include representatives from the following areas:


  • Associated Students, Incorporated (1 year)
  • Services to Students with Disabilities (at least 2; representation from a variety of disabilities) (1 year)


  • Representative from Administration & Finance (2 years)
  • Representative from Information Technology Services (2 years)
  • Representative from Parking and Transportation (2 years)
  • Representative from Procurement and Contracts(2 years)
  • Representative from Student Services (2 years)
  • Two Administrators (2 years)


  • Two Representatives from Academic Affairs (representation from a variety of academic disciplines [1 appointed by the Academic Senate]; 2 years)

Other Sectors of the Campus Community

  • Accessible Technology Initiative Committee (2 years)
  • College of Extended and Global Education (2 years)
  • Student Health Center (2 years)
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (2 years)
  • Risk Management (2 years)
  • Department of Housing and Residential Education (2 years)
  • Learning Center (2 years)
  • Library (2 years)
  • Palm Desert Campus (2 years)
  • Basic Needs Coordinator

The following programs of University Enterprises Corporation at CSUSB:

  • WorkAbility IV (2 years)
  • University Center for Developmental Disabilities (2 years)

Member Responsibilities

  • Attend each meeting as scheduled, or provide alternate.
  • Review and address issues that are referred to CAAB.
  • Follow through with advisory board assignments.
  • As appropriate, provide updates on issues of concern.
  • Participate in the periodic evaluation of current camp;us policies and procedures and the development of plans and priorities relating to physical structures, programs, and services for individuals with disabilities
  • Participate in the preparation of reports based on reviewed and addressed issues.

Chairperson Responsibilities

  • Obtain listing of appointees from President (or designee).
  • Ensure appointees are informed of scheduled meetings and responsibilities.
  • Schedule meetings in coordination with clerical support.
  • Establish agenda for meetings.
  • Chair meetings.
  • Ensure follow through on advisory board assignments.
  • Coordinate the periodic evaluation of current campus policies and procedures and the development of plans and priorities relating to physical structures, programs and services for individuals with disabilities.
  • Coordinate preparation of the annual report that is due June 30 of each year based on reviewed and addressed issues. Present the report to the VP for Administration & Finance for presentation to the other VPs and the President.
  • Coordinate preparation of a second report (at least every 5 years) to include: outcome data of reviewed and addressed issues; staff and student perceptions of program effectiveness, implementation of the program and physical accessibility requirements as specified in CA State Building Code, Title 24 and ADAAG.

Clerical Support

The SSD office will provide clerical support for the following:

  • Preparation of meeting minutes.
  • Coordination of meeting locations.
  • Coordination of communications.