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ATI Steering Committee

Accessible Technology Initiative Steering Committee
Name Title Division/Department Alternate
Sam Sudhakar, Co-Chair Vice President Information Technology Services n/a
Paz Olivérez, Co-Chair Vice President Student Affairs Beth Jaworski
Kelly Campbell Interim Vice Provost Academic Affairs n/a
Kevin Cleppe Coordinator Accessible Technology Services (ATI) n/a
Julia Ruiz Student Representative Associated Students Incorporated n/a
Joel Fite Web Development Lead Digital Transformation n/a
Jess Block Nerren Interim Faculty Director Services for Students with Disabilities n/a
Lori Palmerton Director, Services to Students with Disabilities Services for Students with Disabilities n/a
James Trotter Assistant Director

Multimedia & Emerging Technologies

Robin Phillips Vice President Human Resources n/a
Rob Ray Faculty Representative  Art & Design n/a
Eva Sorrell Librarian Library Technical Services n/a
Jay Wood Interim Executive Director and Chief Procurement Officer Procurement and Contracts n/a
Lynniece Warren Executive Director Risk Management