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Email Accessibility

Accessible Email Communications

When sending an email, especially to large distribution lists with multiple recipients, it is crucial that you check your content for accessibility so that everyone has equal access to the information regardless of the access method used.

  • Provide either alternative text or plaintext of embedded images. Do not describe visual/decorative elements of the image such as "blue background". Only describe the information to convey such as dates, times, locations, etc.
  • Mask hyperlinks with descriptive text 
  • If the message has more than a few paragraphs, provide structure with the use of headings
  • Use proper bulleted or numbered lists if lists of information are presented
  • If using colored fonts, ensure that they remain readable by avoiding handwritten styled fonts, small font sizes, and check the color contrast between background and foreground

Download our PDF document: Authoring Accessible Emails in Outlook