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EEAAP Process

EEAAP Process

If an ICT product is considered medium or high impact and has significant accessibility barriers, Accessible Technology Services (ATS) creates an Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan (EEAAP). The EEAAP outlines accessibility barriers that have been noted on Accessibility Conformance Report documentation or discovered via manual testing, and a proactive plan of alternatives. This institutional response is designed so that the burden of discovery and workarounds is not placed on the end-user.

The EEAAP process is collaborative and involves members of the ATS team along with the following individuals: 

  • The ICT product requester or sub-requester
  • Other campus resources identified as an alternative solution
  • The VP or Dean from the department or college of the ICT product requester
  • The Accessible Technology Initiative Co-Executive Sponsor 

EEAAPs are reviewed at the time of ICT product renewal for accuracy and effectiveness, and at a minimum annually.

It should be noted that the first line of defense of the EEAAP does not necessarily involve individual 504 accommodations by the Services to Students with Disabilities office.