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GE Student Learning Outcomes (GLOs)

General Education at CSUSB fosters intellectual rigor and exploration whereby students understand and investigate the foundations and consequences of ideas, theories, beliefs, and expressions. The program uses a multidisciplinary approach to encourage ongoing and self-motivated learning and to inform student creativity, reasoning, decision-making, expression, and responsible action. It’s a process whereby students…

  1. Learning How to Learn/Metacognition - Develop awareness of their learning processes, becoming reflective, self-directed learners who are able to apply and adapt their processes of learning in new contexts.
  2. Thinking Critically - Think critically, evaluate, analyze, and solve problems employing multiple methods of reasoning.
  3. Critical Literacies - Analyze the ways that information, including quantitative and technological, oral and written, both shape and are shaped by social contexts.
    1. Information Literacy
    2. Oral Communication
    3. Written Communication
    4. Quantitative Reasonin
    5. Technological Literacy
  4. Diverse Perspectives - Explore multiple perspectives in order to collaborate respectfully and effectively with others across a variety of cultures and contexts.
  5. Global Perspectives - Develop the ability to understand global contexts and to contribute to an ever-changing and pluralistic world.
  6. Integrative Learning - Become aware of connections and differences across disciplines and learning experiences in order to frame and address ideas and questions they encounter in their lives.
  7. Ethical Responsibility  - Recognize that they are ethically responsible for the impact that their ideas, decisions, and actions have upon their lives and local and global communities.
  8. Collaboration -  Explore and understand multiple perspectives in order to collaborate and communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, across a variety of cultures and contexts.
  1. Links provide the rubric used to assess each GLO at the program level
    Endorsed by Faculty Senate May 2015


GLO Minimum Specification by GE Category 

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