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Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development

Curriculum refers to all academic programs – degrees, majors, minors, credentials, and certificates – that the university offers to its students.

CSUSB offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. An undergraduate degree is composed of two elements: General Education and a major. General Education is a set of courses common to all CSUSB students and a major is a set of classes specific to a student’s choice of study. A major may or may not have concentrations. A minor is a set of coursework that a student takes in conjunction with a major. A graduate degree is composed of a set of coursework, all of which is specific to the major. All CSUSB credential programs are housed in the College of Education. These programs provide eligibility for students to apply for credentials needed for a career in California’s primary and secondary schools. A certificate focuses on courses and/or skills in a specific discipline or profession and does not have any general education requirements. A certificate is independent of a degree.

The Office of Academic Programs is committed to the development of high-quality programs that ensure maximum student participation.


Course Classification System

CSUSB Curriculum Cycle

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