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General Education

General Education at CSUSB

An integrative, developmental program based on students as

General Education (GE) at CSUSB fosters intellectual rigor and exploration whereby students understand and investigate the foundations and consequences of ideas, theories, beliefs, and expressions. The program uses a multidisciplinary approach to encourage ongoing and self-motivated learning and to inform student creativity, reasoning, decision-making, expression, and responsible action.  The GE program promotes curriculum choices that attend to the developmental nature of general education and student learning.  Through multiple experiences with General Education Learning Outcomes (GLOs), and curriculum that leads to an inquiry in context students move from seekers and knowers to makers and doers.

Why take GE courses that are not part of a chosen major?

While major programs provide depth into one field of study, GE provides a breadth of educational opportunities that enrich the student experience at CSUSB by producing educated graduates able to understand and evaluate the different perspectives and similarities brought to world issues by different fields of study, and to integrate their knowledge across fields. By engaging in the breadth provided by GE students can find passions outside of major study areas and inspire life long learning.  GE supports students both by preparing them to understand what it is to be a college level learner, and enabling students to be life long problem solvers able to bring the integration of knowledge together understanding the challenges and successes of modern society.

GE Student Learning Outcomes (GLOs)

The GE program at CSUSB is a process whereby students develop; 

  1. Learning How to Learn/Metacognition
  2. Thinking Critically
  3. Critical Literacies
    3.1: Information Literacy
    3.2: Oral Communication
    3.3: Written Communication
    3.4: Quantitative Reasoning
    3.5: Technological Literacy
  4. Diverse Perspectives
  5. Global Perspectives
  6. Integrative Learning
  7. Ethical Responsibility
  8. Collaboration

For more information about the GLO's.

Signature Features

The GE program at CSUSB includes unique elements to enhance the student experience through opportunities for high engagement. The program includes:  

Foundation Seminar – This seminar, intended for first-year students, introduces them to the idea of academic inquiry and explores different disciplinary ways of knowing and doing, with attention to the metacognitive elements of learning. Students develop a sense of their role as a college-level learner. Click "Foundation Seminar" to learn more.

Designations – CSUSB is committed to student learning experiences in diversity and inclusiveness, global perspectives, and written communication. Designated courses build on developmental opportunities in the GE program by requiring students to take courses with a central focus in these areas. The course requirements are designed to provide comprehensive opportunities for students in the areas of Diversity and Inclusiveness, Global Perspectives, and Written Communication. Click "Designations" to learn more.

Pathways – Students may elect to further engage in general education through thematic pathways that provide integrative experiences based on interest in themes addressing modern societal issues. Click "Pathways" to learn more.