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Five Year Program Review

*Annual Program Assessment and the 5-Year Program Review are guided by FAM 856.6.

Program Review Cycle

Academic Program Review

Program review is one of the most important mechanisms to assure the integrity and quality of the educational experience of our students. All degree programs offered at CSUSB go through a review process every five years and allows for the examination, assessment, and strengthening of programs.

The cycle of review for each program can be seen in the CSUSB Academic Master Plan, which is updated annually and approved by the CSU Board of Trustees. The review process is governed by FAM 856.6, which places the assessment of student learning at the front and center of the review. The process ends with an action plan by the department faculty, in response to the comments and recommendations made by the various reviewers, including the external reviewer, the college dean, and the Program Review Committee.

Program Review Schedule, Academic Year 2022-2023

  1. Bachelor of Arts in English
  2. Master of Arts in English and Writing Studies
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
  4. Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts in Spanish
  5. Master of Science in Computer Science
  6. Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
  7. Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology
  8. Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts in Child Development
  9. Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts in Criminal Justice
  10. Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Program Review Schedule, Academic Year 2023-2024

  1. Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership
  2. Master of Arts in Education
  3. Master of Arts in Career and Technical Education
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Career and Technical Studies
  5. Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Studies


Schedule of Deadlines

Ranked List of External Reviewers

Recommendations from the University Program Review Committee

Program Self-Study

External Review Reports (their reports are due two weeks after the visit)

Internal Reports: University Program Review Committee, College Dean, Graduate Dean (If applicable)

Action Plan: Scheduled for the first two weeks of May, from 11 am to 12 pm.

Due Date

August 29

September 29

December 15

2-weeks after the visit; all reports should be in by February 28

March 30

May 20