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Academic Grievance Policy

Students have 40 days to file a grievance to appeal their course grade or to appeal an academic decision such as admission to a major or  program.  Students may also use this procedure to challenge academic matters such as academic notice or suspension, academic dishonesty and plagiarism or dismissal from the University. This policy does not address non-academic complaints as those involving sexual harassment, discrimination, or inappropriate social conduct.

Academic Integrity

The purpose of this policy is to establish that academic integrity is an essential component to the CSUSB learning community and shall be upheld by all members of the university community. This policy is intended to reflect the University's commitment to the principles, goals, and ideals described in the CSUSB Vision Statement and to its core values.

Faculty Affairs & Development
As a division of Academic Affairs, Faculty Affairs & Development is responsible for matters concerning all Faculty, Coaches, Librarians, and SSPAR's (R03) as well as all Academic Student Employees, Teaching Associates, Graduate Assistants, and Instructional Student Assistants (R11). Our office is responsible for a variety of faculty-related functions, such as the faculty hiring process, retention, promotion, and tenure evaluations, faculty leaves, Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP), and Labor Relations. Our goal is to provide our faculty with the necessary support and guidance during their time here at CSUSB. We hope you will find the necessary tools and resources on this website to help you succeed here at CSUSB. (909) 537-5029

Academic Scheduling

The academic scheduling home page contains links to course info, calendars, final exam schedules, and instructor forms and resources.(909) 537-5057

Academic Technology and Innovation (ATI)

The Department of Academic Technologies and Innovation (ATI), a new division under Information Technology Services (ITS) is focused on fostering and supporting faculty led innovation, student engagement technologies and growth in hybrid and online learning courses. The ATI Department works closely with the Division of Academic Affairs, the Teaching Resources Center (TRC) and the College Deans and Department Chairs in identifying and setting priorities and standards on academic technology initiatives. The ATI department consists of instructional designers, technologists and classroom/student technology technicians who support online instruction and classroom technologies including smart classrooms and distance learning systems. The department also works with the Academic Technologies and Innovation subcommittee of the IT Governance Executive Committee in prioritizing and pursuing various academic technology initiatives.(909) 537-7439

CSUSB Technology Support Center

(909) 537-7677

California Faculty Association

The California Faculty Association is the union and professional organization of CSU teaching faculty, librarians, and counselors. President: Marcia Marx, Sociology(909) 537-7314.

Campus Resources for Your Students


The CARE Team receives, assesses, responds to and monitors behavior on campus that is disruptive, poses a campus concern, or is a threat to self or others. The purpose of the CARE Team is to provide a multidisciplinary centralized structure for the campus community for early intervention of at-risk individuals through collaboration and effective communication with campus departments, students, faculty and staff. Individuals exhibiting behaviors that are of concern in relation to their personal, physical and emotional well-being should be referred to the CARE Team along with individuals who are intimidating, disruptive, aggressive, or violent. The CARE Team will review all information available on the individual's behavior and background to determine an appropriate action-plan and monitor the individual on a case-by-case basis.

(909) 537-2273

Children's Center

The Children's Center mission is to enable parents of young children to attend Cal State San Bernardino by providing convenient childcare in a nurturing environment which supports the developing child.

Services are also available, as space permits, to faculty and staff of the University as well as to the surrounding community. Fees for services are based on family size and income.(909) 537-5928

Counseling & Psychological Services (For Students) (909) 537-5040

Coyote Bookstore

Coyote OneCard

The Coyote OneCard is the official California State University San Bernardino identification card. It provides proof of University enrollment and/or employment. Creative Media Services is located in the Pfau Library Addition, first floor, PL-1108 inside the Technology Support Center.(909) 537-7677


The online directory contains CSUSB faculty and/or staff information only. We do not publish student information.

Faculty Administrative Manual (FAM)

While all of the FAM policies are relevant to faculty, FAMs 800-875 deal most directly with teaching, research, and students.

Faculty Mentoring Network

The purpose of the University Faculty Mentoring Network is to foster an environment of support that promotes the personal and professional development of tenure-track probationary faculty. To that end, UFMN makes available advice, encouragement, and career guidance by knowledgeable senior and retired faculty members. The goal is to supplement, not supplant, mentoring programs at the department or college levels. UFMN mentees may choose mentors from outside the mentees' departments and colleges who have no direct role in the RPT evaluation process. Housed in Academic Affairs, UFMN works collaboratively with Academic Personnel, the Chief Diversity Officers, Teaching Resource Center, Human Resources, and the University Ombuds/EEO Officer for the various resources that they provide.

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate of California State University, San Bernardino is responsible for representing the faculty of the University through the shared governance process. As a Faculty Senate we have elected faculty representation from all five Colleges, as well as counselor, librarian and lecturer representatives. Both the President and Provost are active ex-officio members of the Senate.(909) 537-5028

Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research at California State University, San Bernardino is committed to the generation and dissemination of reliable reports and studies in a timely manner including efficient reporting to various constituencies, evaluation of our institution through survey research and data analysis, and collaboration with our academic leaders in support of decision-making, assessment, and quality improvement.(909) 537-5052

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Maps & Directions

Office of Ombuds Services & Gender Equity

The Ombuds Officer provides information and guidance on rights and responsibilities and CSUSB regulations and procedures.(909) 537-5635

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) was established to advance and strengthen the research, instructional, creative, and community service goals of the university through extramural (sponsored) funding. The ORSP is dedicated to the encouragement and support of all faculty research and sponsored projects. We assist the university community in the development of institutional grants, contracts, public and private partnerships, as well as facilitating intellectual property development, technology development and commercialization, as well as other entrepreneurial activities complementing and strengthening the university mission.(909) 537-5027


Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD)

The mission of the SSD office is to increase retention for students with disabilities by ensuring equitable treatment and equal access to all academic programs and facilities at California State University, San Bernardino.(909) 537-5238

Teaching Resource Center (TRC)The TRC aims to promote effective and innovative instruction and to provide services that lead to excellent teaching and active learning for 21st Century learners.(909) 537-7424

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