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Coyote OneCard

Instructional Continuity for Virtual Instruction

Due to the Campus moving to Virtual Instruction, faculty will be required to format their courses in alternate teaching modalities. Please use our Instructional Continuity button, below, to find and explore alternatives for successful instruction during the closure. Below this box, please select "ATI Faculty Workshops in Alternative Teaching Modalities" for dates, live Zoom links, and recordings of previous workshops.

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The Coyote OneCard is your student identification throughout campus. Come and get your Coyote OneCard at the campus Technology Support Center located in the Pfau Library Wedge, room PL-1108. Your OneCard is not just an ID, it also functions as a:

  • Meal Card – If you live in the dorms and are on a meal plan
  • Library Card – Library access number located on back of card
  • Fitness Card – For access to the Rec Sports Center
  • Medical Card – For access to Student Health Center services
  • Debit/Print Card – Add money using Coyote Cash and your OneCard becomes a purchasing/printing card

Coyote Cash

Students can use their Coyote OneCard as a form of payment for a number of on-campus services including campus dining services and PrinterOn wireless printing services. Key benefits of Coyote Cash include budgeting your spending, instantly loading your Coyote OneCard with Coyote Cash online anytime, no transaction fees, and parents can load money onto your card at any time.

New Students

Requirements for receiving a Coyote One Card:

  • You must be registered for the current quarter
  • Have been registered for more than 48 hours (2 full days)
  • You must know your new Student Identification Number (we can no longer access info using your Social Security number)
    • You must have a current valid picture ID (either a Driver's License, State ID card, Military ID or passport. We no longer accept High School ID's)
  • If you are an Open University Student you must have a ID Authorization Form along with the above requirements. Open University students receive a free Library Access ID (no photo).
  • If you are taking classes at our Palm Desert Campus, you do not need to travel to the main campus to receive your ID. Contact PDC library staff for assistance.

Have your 9-digit Coyote ID ready to give to the technician. Once the technician brings up your information in our ID Works system, you will be ready to take your student ID picture. Remember: NO HATS (unless worn for religious purposes) or SUNGLASSES are to be worn when taking ID photo. If you want a new picture, inform the technician before a new card is printed. If you fail to do so and a card is printed, you will not be able to receive a new picture without changing the print count field.

Returning Students

If you have a One Card you will not need a new one unless:

  • You have lost your ID
  • ID is broken, cracked or damaged causing it to be unreadable
  • Submitted a name change through Admissions & Records
  • Were taking classes via CEL (Open University courses)
  • Your ID reflects a summer program (i.e., Upward Bound, STEP)

Replacement Cards

There is a $10.00 fee for every replacement ID. If a new picture is desired, please inform the staff person before the replacement ID is printed. Once a card is printed, if you ask for a new picture, that card will be considered as another replacement ID card. The maximum number of ID cards allowed for any one person is nine. If anyone has been issued nine ID cards that person will be required to speak with someone in the Foundation Office before another Coyote One Card can be issued.

All forms of payments must be made through the Bursar's office. Bring receipt of payment to the One Card office to acquire your ID card.