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About The Teaching Resource Center

Mission Statement

Established in 1996 for CSUSB faculty, the Teaching Resource Center (TRC) is dedicated to promoting and advancing effective, innovative instruction and the scholarship of teaching and learning through its programs and resources. 
The Faculty Senate Policy 871.4 guides the TRC's mission.


The Teaching Resource Center (TRC) was established in 1996 by the Faculty Senate. TRC aims to promote effective and innovative instruction and to provide services that lead to excellent teaching and active learning for 21st Century learners. The Center is dedicated to the vision of an academic community engaged in active learning. Active learning involves increased teacher-student interactions, student- student interactions and content -student interactions. It considers the diverse characteristics of 21st Century learners. It is characterized by accessibility and flexibility. It utilizes both technological and non-technological resources in the design, development and delivery of instruction. The faculty senate document describes briefly the center's mission, goals and services. The Director welcomes requests for additional information or assistance.

Center's Goals

To improve and enhance expertise on teaching, through individual or collective programs, and to explore pedagogical issues and strategies through organizing events and allocation of resources. To promote dialogue and communication on teaching/ learning among faculty members, thus continually builds a community of teachers. To provide recognition for faculty efforts in improving and extending expertise, and/ or innovating instruction. To provide mechanisms for disseminating information on effective teaching and active learning.

[Last updated January 6, 2021]