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Director's Message 

JoAnna Grant

As the director for the Center, I wanted to share some of my vision for what the TRC can be.  The TRC provides professional development support around teaching and learning—regardless of your level of teaching experience or faculty appointment type. You can find workshops, institutes, faculty learning communities and programs to introduce you to new teaching ideas, techniques, technologies, and to provide ongoing professional development around specific topics.  You can also get support through our grant programs to attend teaching, learning, and assessment conferences or to develop or re-tool a course to include best practices, use new techniques (like flipping the classroom), or change the format from face-to-face to online or hybrid.

The TRC is an important partner in advancing CSUSB’s teaching mission. The Center partners with other entities on campus to provide faculty with resources to address major campus and system initiatives, such as the Quarter to Semester Conversion (Q2S), the new General Education program (GE2020), and the system’s graduation initiative (GI2025), among others. The TRC also supports faculty to pursue their more individualized professional development goals through its programming, learning communities, and grants.
As a person passionate about good teaching and student learning, I can think of no better job on campus than to work with our faculty who share that same passion, and support them in their continuous journey to do better for our students. I’m looking forward to working with all of you in this new role.

Jo Anna Grant, Director

Mission Statement

Established in 1996 for CSUSB faculty, the Teaching Resource Center (TRC) is dedicated to promoting and advancing effective, innovative instruction and the scholarship of teaching and learning through its programs and resources. 

 guides the TRC's mission.


The Teaching Resource Center (TRC) was established in 1996 by the Faculty Senate. TRC aims to promote effective and innovative instruction and to provide services that lead to excellent teaching and active learning for 21st Century learners. The Center is dedicated to the vision of an academic community engaged in active learning. Active learning involves increased teacher-student interactions, student- student interactions and content -student interactions. It considers the diverse characteristics of 21st Century learners. It is characterized by accessibility and flexibility. It utilizes both technological and non-technological resources in the design, development and delivery of instruction. The faculty senate document describes briefly the center's mission, goals and services. The Director welcomes requests for additional information or assistance.

Center's Goals

To improve and enhance expertise on teaching, through individual or collective programs, and to explore pedagogical issues and strategies through organizing events and allocation of resources. To promote dialogue and communication on teaching/ learning among faculty members, thus continually builds a community of teachers. To provide recognition for faculty efforts in improving and extending expertise, and/ or innovating instruction. To provide mechanisms for disseminating information on effective teaching and active learning.

Professional Development

The TRC organizes regular workshops on teaching strategies and innovations.  Please visit our OrgSync portal to see the Calendar of Events by clicking on Calendar or OrgSync above. The Center provides support for technology integration with the assistance of CSUSB's ATI (Academic Technologies & Innovations) and programs offered through the CSU Chancellor's Office.

Consulting and Referrals

The Center offers individual, confidential help regarding instructional design and the development of instructional materials. We assist faculty in assessing their own teaching, e.g., by videotaping a class session. It also assists faculty in locating and accessing teaching resources on campus.

Transfer and Dissemination

The Center promotes mentoring among colleagues and will assist in arranging faculty visitations. Through newsletters, this website and the OrgSync Portal, the Center reports on grant activities related to instructional development and learning productivity. Teaching strategies and innovations by CSUSB faculty are also featured. The Center sponsors exhibits of faculty projects related to teaching strategies and innovations.

Special Projects and Services

A three-year program for New Faculty is conducted by TRC in cooperation with the Office of Academic Personnel. The program supports new faculty in developing their individual agenda on teaching strategies appropriate to their field of study. The Center also provides follow-up services for its workshop participants. This is provided either individually or through group discussions on the TRC OrgSync portal.

Fall Poster Session & Opening Luncheon

Each Fall the TRC sponsors a faculty event featuring posters and discussions related to innovative teaching practices.  This event is followed by a luncheon, talk and discussion of issues related to teaching.

Spring Showcase

In cooperation with ATI, the Spring Faculty Showcase is a PechaKucha/Ignite - style event where faculty have 5 minutes to present their teaching strategies and innovations. This fast-paced mini-conference will give you lots of ideas in just two hours.


Instructional Quality Committee

This committee, in conjunction with the Teaching Resource Center, shall study and provide recommendations to the Senate concerning the maintenance of instructional quality, and the systematic review of Instructional Quality Evaluation, and teaching excellence at the University, especially in an environment of rapid growth. The duties shall also include serving as advisory committee to the Director of the Teaching Resource Center, allocating available funds and encouraging activities in areas such as workshops on instructional improvement, instructional consultation services, innovation in teaching, and curriculum development.

Instructional Quality Committee Members 2018-19

Lisa Bartle Library 2017-2019 
Jacqueline Hughes College of Education 2017-2019
David Maynard Natural Sciences 2017-2019
Monty Van Wart Business & Public Administration, 2017-2019
Mihaela Popescu Arts & Letters, 2018-2020
John Reitzel Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2018-2020
Rafik Mohamed Dean Social & Behavioral Science 2018-20
Clare Weber Deputy Provost & Vice Provost Academic Programs, Ex-officio
Jo Anna Grant Director, Teaching Resource Center Ex-officio
Craig Seal Undergraduate Studies Rep Ex-officio
Dorota Huizinga Associate Provost for Academic Research/Graduate Studies, Ex-officio

Teaching Resource Center Directors

CSUSB has been fortunate to have faculty from a variety of disciplines serve as TRC Directors since 1996.

September 1996 - March 2011: Dr. Rowena S. Santiago, Professor, Science, Math, & Technology Education
April 2011- August 2011: Dr. Josephine G. Mendoza, Professor, School of Computer Science & Engineering
September 2011 - December 2015: Dr. Kim Costino, Professor, English
January 2016 - December 2017:  Dr. Davida Fischman, Professor, Mathematics
January 2018 - Present:  Dr. Jo Anna Grant, Professor, Communication Studies

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