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Getting ReadyWho are our students? What do I teach? How far ahead should I begin planning my course?

Course SyllabiWhat is required/optional? What are the relevant policies? What are the accessibility requirements? What do professors need to do in cases of Academic Dishonesty? What are the procedures for grievances (academic and nonacademic)?

Plagiarism & Academic Ethics

Learning Outcomes

Strategies for Large Lecture Classesforthcoming

Theories of Learningforthcoming

Universal Design

Additional Teaching Tip Resources

Tuesday's Teaching Tip (Teaching Academy)

High Impact Practices

Flipping the Classroom:

Interactive Videos: How can I make videos more engaging and increase learning?

Clickers, quizzes and polls, oh my!  What are strategies for formative assessment in class?

Curriculum Development Guide and Resources:  Designed for Q2S Conversion and Transformation, this guide also has lots of information that can help you in designing your curriculum for 2017-2019, as well.

CSU Resources:

  • The CSU Institute for Teaching & Learning is an Academic Program of the California State University System devoted to promoting the highest standards of university teaching and to fostering faculty professijavascript:void('Unlink')onal growth and collaboration throughout the 23-campus California State System. The ITL broadly defines faculty professional growth to encompass the multiple roles of faculty relating to teaching, research, and service. The CSU-ITL has biannual conferences for CSU faculty.
  • The CSU has a Professional Learning Communitydedicated to Course Redesign (with Technology). The PLC includes faculty from all 23 campuses and offers biweekly Zoom meetings with interesting speakers. The meetings are also recorded and available on the PLC website. Besides speakers from within the CSU, there are also many nationally known presenters.

Of particular interest to CSUSB faculty, we suggest the recordings/slides/handouts of these sessions:

  • Measuring the Promise of a Learner-Center Syllabus: Creating Courses Students Will Love to Take and You Will Love to Teach (Whitney Scott and Ashley Sampson) (October 2016 and October 2017)
  • Academic Mindsets for Learner Success (Emily Magruder)
  • Student Learning Outcomes (October 2015)

Faculty-Created Resources:

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