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High Impact Practices (HIPs)

What are HIPs?

High impact practices (HIPs), as noted by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU), are designs and practices in teaching and learning that increase student engagement and lead to successful learning.  Additionally, various studies on select HIPs have shown them to be a possible solution to closing the achievement gaps across student populations.  Generally, they have been seen as co-curricular activities at CSUSB. But, in the Q2S conversion process, HIPs could become a more standard part of programs throughout the university.  Under Goal 1 -- Student Success of the 2015-2020 CSUSB Strategic Plan, there is a call for “[a]ll undergraduate students [to] participate in at least three High Impact Practices (HIPs) by graduation.”  Further, at least one HIP should be provided in the context of a student’s major.

High Impact Practices (HIPs) include:

  • first-year seminars and experiences
  • common intellectual experiences
  • learning communities
  • writing-intensive courses
  • collaborative assignments and projects
  • undergraduate research
  • diversity/global learning
  • E-portfolios
  • service learning, community-based learning
  • internships
  • capstone courses and projects.  

See the IUPUI RISE High Impact Taxonomies (or Rubrics) or the Kuh, George D. (2008)  High Impact Practice Rubric for assessing HIPs.

High Impact Practices Fellows Program

The Teaching Resource Center (TRC), in collaboration with Academic Technologies & Innovation (ATI), Office of Community Engagement (OCE), and Assessment Office, Academic Affairs, is pleased to launch the Summer 2021 HIPs Fellows Program (June 2 to August 11, 2021). 

Purpose: Create and promote a cohort of faculty from across the disciplines who will each re-design, implement, and assess a planned Fall 2021 upper-division course to integrate a course-level HIP.

Faculty Stipend:
Deadline for application:
May 14, 2021, 11:59pm PST. Deadline has passed.

Certificate in High Impact Practices: Teaching & Learning

2021-2022 Program please visit Faculty Development Program Website.