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Turnitin Plagiarism Check 

Turnitin is an online anti-plagiarism service which compares student submissions to millions of websites and papers submitted for exact matches. Instructors can verify if students properly cited their sources. The reports are integrated into the Assignments tool in e-Learning, or Turnitin can be used as a stand-alone product, offering more tools such as grading rubrics. 

Turnitin offers:

  • Originality Check - student submission are compared to billions of websites and other papers submitted and highlights exact matches. Instructors can verify if students obtained their information from appropriate sources and properly cited those sources.
  • GradeMark - Create interactive grading rubrics and provide feedback to students quickly and efficiently.
  • PeerMark - Allows students to review each others submissions


Turnitin Online Request Form

[Last updated December 2019]