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In collaboration with the Teaching Resource Center, the CSUSB Teaching Academy supports teaching and learning at all levels and in all contexts of university activity, and will serve as a focal point for the university’s commitment to this end. In pursuing this goal, the Academy will enhance the intellectual climate, promote discourse among all members of the University community, and serve as an advocate for learning and teaching initiatives and innovations.


The Teaching Academy (TA) will include all faculty who actively participate in TA Events.  Notification will be sent to TA members. The TA Cabinet will organize the events and activities, serving as liaisons to the Teaching Resource Center, Faculty Senate and campus administration on matters relating to teaching.  The TA Cabinet will be comprised of 11 members: 1 elected from each College and the Library and 5 at-large members (to be appointed by the Faculty Senate).  The new Cabinet structure will be phased in over the next three years to allow current TA Cabinet members to complete their current terms.

Cabinet Members 2018-19

Matthew Logan Social and Behavioral Science (Criminal Justice, 18-21)

Jing Zhang Business & Public Administration (Management, 17-20)

Lisa Bartle (17-20), Library (17-20)

Dorothy Chen-Maynard Natural Sciences (Health Science, 14-17)

David Rhoads At large (Biology, 16-19)

James Simon At large (Social Work, 16-19)

John Reitzel At large (Criminal Justice, 16-19)

Daniel Nickerson At large (Biology, 16-19)

Kimberly Collins At large (Public Administration, 17-20)

Jo Anna Grant ex-Officio (TRC Director)

Vacant, Arts & Letters (17-20)
Vacant, Education (17-20)

If you are interested in serving on the TA cabinet, please contact the Faculty Senate Office (

[Last updated May 2019]