Direct-Link Resources (sidebar)

  • SOTEs:  This page provides information about the Student Evaluations of Teaching Effectiveness (aka SOTEs), including links to the policies, the forms and the ClassClimate server (SOTE repository).
  • Campus Faculty Resources:  This page provides links to offices around campus that support faculty work, as well as descriptions of those resources.
  • TRC MaterialsForthcoming.  This page will provide information about borrowing iPads and/or laptops from the TRC, borrowing books from the TRC (paperback or Kindle editions) and TRC tools available in the Faculty Sandbox.
  • Pfau Library Resources:  This page is a quick link guide and FAQ for faculty resources available through the library.
  • Teaching Academy: This page provides information about the CSUSB Teaching Academy (TA) and current TA Cabinet members.  TA events are listed on the TRC OrgSync portal.
  • Turnitin Account Request: Turnitin online request form.

Software Available to Faculty and Students

[Last updated August 2018]