Instructional Quality Committee

This committee, in conjunction with the Teaching Resource Center, shall study and provide recommendations to the Senate concerning the maintenance of instructional quality, and the systematic review of Instructional Quality Evaluation, and teaching excellence at the University, especially in an environment of rapid growth. The duties shall also include serving as advisory committee to the Director of the Teaching Resource Center, allocating available funds and encouraging activities in areas such as workshops on instructional improvement, instructional consultation services, innovation in teaching, and curriculum development.

Instructional Quality Committee Members 2018-19

Lisa Bartle Library 2017-2019 
Jacqueline Hughes College of Education 2017-2019
David Maynard Natural Sciences 2017-2019
Monty Van Wart Business & Public Administration, 2017-2019
Mihaela Popescu Arts & Letters, 2018-2020
John Reitzel Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2018-2020
Rafik Mohamed Dean Social & Behavioral Science 2018-20
Clare Weber Deputy Provost & Vice Provost Academic Programs, Ex-officio
Jo Anna Grant Director, Teaching Resource Center Ex-officio
Craig Seal Undergraduate Studies Rep Ex-officio
Dorota Huizinga Associate Provost for Academic Research/Graduate Studies, Ex-officio

[Last updated September 2019]